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4 Delicious and Appetizing Soto Ceker Recipes, Easy to Make

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4 Delicious and Appetizing Soto Ceker Recipes, Easy to MakeHow to Make Soto Ceker. ©2021 – The claw is one part of the chicken body that is a favorite because it is delicious to eat. Although the meat is small, chicken feet or claws can be processed into a variety of dishes, one of which is soto claw. The taste is delicious and fresh, making soto claw favored by all people.

Currently, soto claw is very easy to find in various regions in Indonesia. Usually, soto claw is combined with stuffed cabbage, glass noodles, and tomatoes. Coupled with toppings such as koya, eggs, crackers, and chili sauce, it makes the taste of soto claw more delicious and appetizing.

For those of you who want to enjoy the delicacy of soto claw, you can make it yourself at home. Here are some recipes for soto claws that reports from Brilio:

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