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Don’t deny the heartache of being betrayed, let’s get up and recover

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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Betrayal can happen in any relationship. Between friends, lovers, husband and wife, even family. Offended the consequences of betrayal also vary in degree. Some can subside in an instant, some can cause trauma.

The healing process requires one to accept what happened. You can’t just erase heartache and pretend it never existed. However, you can learn to understand that this is reality and part of your life story. Make peace with all that. Neutralize yourself.

The second step is managing emotions. Maybe you want to scream, slam things, refuse to meet other people because of shame, revenge, sadness, and so on. As long as it’s within reasonable limits, it’s okay for you to vent your anger.

It would be better of course if you get assistance from experts. The point is to let go or let go of what has happened. Don’t hide behind emotional outbursts or pretend everything is fine, when you’re completely crushed.

The next attempt is to tell a story or share. Conveying what we feel and think can lighten the burden in the heart and mind. Just make sure you tell someone you can trust. Maybe you don’t need his support. You just need to convey everything without the need for judgment and advice whether you are in a right or wrong position.

Love yourself. Everyone, anyone can betray, but you will not betray yourself. Be honest with yourself and pay attention to what you need. Listen to what your body and mind are saying. Rise up, at least for yourself.


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