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COOL! THIS IS HOW TO Make Sound of Text WhatsApp Indonesia and the West, Can Voice Men or Women

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TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – This is how to make Indonesian and Western-style WhatsApp sound of text, can use male or female voices.

Curious? Hurry up, check out how to make Indonesian and Western-style WhatsApp sound of text in the article.

The WhatsApp application or commonly abbreviated as WA, has become a very popular medium for sending messages.

More than 5 billion times have been downloaded proves that WhatsApp has been used by everyone around the world.

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Besides being easy and having many features, WhatsApp is almost used by all circles.

Well, you are a WhatsApp or WA application user, of course you know the Sound of Text or often referred to as Google’s voice.

As is known, the Google voice is not only unique but also has a distinctive character, so it will attract attention if it is used as a notification tone on WhatsApp.

Sound of text is not a feature on WhatsApp. So by default you will not find those Google voices in the settings menu.

To get it you have to make it yourself.

The method is quite easy, follow the guide on how to make sound of text on WhatsApp, as reported by in the article entitled Tips for Making Sound of text on WhatsApp, Can Use Male and Female Voices.

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