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Steady, Demakijo Government Plants Rajalele Srinuk Rice from Klaten

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SOLOPOS.COM – Illustration of agricultural land. (Solopos-Rudi Hartono), KLATEN — The Demakijo Village Government (Pemdes), Karangnongko District, Klaten, has been planting the original variety of Rajalele rice from Klaten, namely Rajalele Srinuk since Tuesday (17/8/2021). It is hoped that the Rajalele rice planted this time can be harvested in November 2021.

The Head of Demakijo Village, Ery Karyatno, said that the area of ​​land prepared for planting the Srinuk variety of Rajalele rice is 4.5 hectares. Until now, the cultivation of the superior Klaten Rajalele rice plant is still ongoing.

According to the plan, planting 4.5 hectares of rice will take two weeks. According to him, the time from planting to harvesting Srinuk Rajalele takes 90-95 days.

“We fully support this Klaten native variety. We partnered with the Klaten Regency Government to plant this Rajalele Srinuk with a table system [tanam benih langsung], ”Said Ery Karyatno, to, Thursday (19/8/2021).

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Ery Karyatno said that the cultivation of Klaten’s superior Rajalele rice is part of developing the agricultural sector in his area. This is also in line with the village medium-term development plan (RPJMDesa) for 2019-2025.

Hoping to Reap Optimal Results

Among the steps to realize the Village RPJMD, namely revitalizing farmer institutions in the village, improving the agricultural channel system, mechanization of land management, optimizing farm roads, and others.

“Demakijo Village has the potential for natural resources (SDA) and human resources (HR). Our total agricultural land reaches 78 hectares. Meanwhile, our population reaches 3,228 people with 70 percent working in the agricultural sector,” he said.

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Ery estimates that the planting of the superior Rajalele rice plant in Klaten will reap optimal results. When entering the harvest period, the analysis of the price of dry unhusked rice is Rp. 6,000 per kilogram.

“The price of rice is Rp. 11,000-12,000 per kilogram. This is the original Klaten rice. We must be proud and of course participate in caring for and cultivating this rojolele plant. We also fully support the regent’s policy number 520/432/26 regarding the provision of Rajalele Srinar and Srinuk rice for ASN/BUMD in Klaten,” he said.

As is known, Rajalele Srinar and Srinuk rice have been aggressively introduced to the market since October 2019. Previously, this new Rajalele variety was judged to have passed the variety release trial, 27 June 2019.

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The name Srinar comes from the word sri which means the goddess of rice and nar comes from the word Shining. Srinar is considered resistant to WBC pests, aka brown stem planthopper biotypes I, II, and III.

While srinuk comes from the word sri which means the goddess of rice and nuk from the word inuk aka very delicious. Srinuk is rated as resistant to WBC type I.

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