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Pregnancy Illustration Credit:
Fishermen are given rice assistance and reminded of the Covid-19 protocol.  (Wednesday, 04/08/2021).
Illustration of Murder with Sharp Weapon (iStockphoto)
Garut Regent Rudy Gunawan stated, to suppress the spread of Covid-19 during PPKM level 4, the Garut Covid-19 Task Force, will conduct random vaccinations in the center of the crowd.  ( Supriadin)
A man is battered for teasing a neighbor's wife, in Cilacap.  (Photo: Polres Cilacap)
A video of a man without a mask destroying the PPKM banner on the streets of Sidoarjo, East Java, has gone viral on social media.  ( Special)
The oxygen cylinders donated by Kagama East Java were distributed to hospitals.  (Dian Kurniawan/
The Governor of West Sumatra spoke with the president by telephone.  ( Public Relations of the West Sumatra Provincial Government)
Cilegon Police Chief, AKBP Sigit Hariyono, Remains to Restrict Community Mobility During Emergency PPKM.  (Wednesday, 04/08/2021).  ( Deslatama).
Congestion occurred due to the Cirebon City Government blocking the borders of the Cirebon City entrance area.  Photo ( / Panji Prayitno)
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