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How To Make Traps For Fruit Fly Pests

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How To Make Traps For Fruit Fly Pests

Hallo friend Agribusiness Agrocomplex, On this occasion we will provide information about How to Make Traps for Fruit Flies, hopefully the contents of the post Article Agriculture, can be useful and add to your insight.

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How To Make A Trap For Fruit Fly Pests – Fruit flies often attack fruit crops. This pest is also a major problem that must be faced when cultivating fruits.

How To Make Traps For Fruit Fly Pests

One way to deal with fruit fly pests can be by making a simple fruit fly trap that is easy but very effective against fruit fly pests.

Fruit or vegetable crops that are affected by fruit fly pests will cause rotten fruit and damaged vegetable leaves. Some of the fruits and leaves of vegetables that are affected by these fruit flies will become, wormy and rotten. This is because female flies lay bacterial eggs into the fruit.

A female fly is able to lay eggs on the fruit of 1-10 grains in a day it is able to lay eggs up to 40 grains.

The eggs then hatch into caterpillars and will damage fruit and leaves on vegetables. Throughout her life a female fly can lay up to 800 eggs.

To deal with this problem, will provide tips and how to make a fruit fly trap.

The method used is by catching male flies so that it can suppress the development of fruit flies in the garden environment of the cultivation area.

How to Make a Fruit Fly Trap

Here are the ingredients and how to make a fruit fly trap using Petrogenol bait.


  • Used plastic bottles that we will later use as fruit fly traps
  • Wire or rope
  • Cotton or cloth
  • Nails for punching holes in bottles
  • Petrogenol As bait
  • Air

How to make

  • Make a hole in the bottle the size of a fruit fly
  • Make a hole also in the bottle cap to insert the wire
  • Put the wire in the hole in the bottle cap, at the bottom of the wire, cotton or cloth is given, while at the top a loop is made, so that the cotton/cloth loop will hang in the middle of the bottle.
  • Fill the bottle with water as much as 1/4 part
  • Apply cotton with Petrogenol as a male fruit fly binder.
  • Hang in a location where a lot of fruit flies.

In addition to making fruit fly traps in dealing with these pests, other methods can also be used, among others, using GA (Gibberelic Acid), which makes the appearance of immature fruits, so fruit flies are reluctant to lay their eggs on the fruit.

There is also a method of releasing sterile insects, using foliage baiting, spraying plants and their fruit with insecticides (coverspraying).

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