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460K Houses for Low-Income Ready for Sale

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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Directorate General of Housing Ministry of PUPR revealed that there are about 460 thousand units in stock House for Low-Income Communities (MBR) ready for sale.

The government, Director of Public and Commercial Housing of the Directorate General of Housing, Ministry of PUPR Fitrah Nur said that they would provide infrastructure, facilities and utilities (PSU) assistance for developers who want to build houses for MBR.

“PSU assistance is an incentive for developers who want to build MBR houses, where houses are built, the price has been set by the government and can be purchased with subsidies from the government, such as the Housing Financing Liquidity Facility (FLPP),” he said. Between, Thursday (19/8).

Developers who build MBR houses, he continued, will receive incentives in the form of PSU assistance at a maximum of 30 percent of the houses they build. “This PSU assistance is actually quite helpful,” he added.

Previously, the Center for Housing Financing Fund Management (PPDPP) of the Ministry of PUPR claimed to have distributed 72.02 percent of FLPP funds as of August 10, 2021 from the target of 157,500 units this year.

The funds disbursed for FLPP amounted to Rp12.37 trillion or 113,438 MBR housing units, with a total distribution for the 2010-2021 period of 878,293 or Rp67.96 trillion.

The highest channeling bank is BTN, which is 60,042 units. Then, BTN Syariah 14,004 units, BNI 12,269 units, BRI 6,582 units, and Bank BJB 3,577 units.

PPDPP President Director Arief Sabaruddin said with this achievement, the target might be achieved in October 2021 or before the end of next year.

The plan is that at the end of August, PPDPP will hold a meeting with the implementing bank regarding the third quarter evaluation.

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