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5 reasons he insists on approaching you even though he’s been rejected

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To love is everyone’s right, as well as rejecting someone’s feelings of love directed at us. You can say no and he should be able to accept this decision gracefully. After all, if you continue to force it, it won’t run smoothly, really. Not necessarily later your feelings for him can change. Who knows, that love won’t come and go. It’s a pity for him, please.

Therefore, refusing is the most appropriate decision. But unfortunately, it seems he can’t take it for granted. In fact, until now he is still eager to approach you. Why do you think? Here are five reasons that might encourage him to keep flirting with you even though he’s been rejected. Listen carefully, yes.

1. Until now you are still tugging at his feelings

5 reasons he insists on approaching you even though he's been rejectedillustration of PDKT people (

Think again, have you really refused and let go so far? It could be, all this time you are still tugging his feelings. Sometimes you turn your attention back to him, not infrequently you just ignore him.

It’s natural, if your attitude makes him confused. Between going forward or going backwards, huh? He said you can’t accept his love, but why when he starts to move away you give him too much attention. It’s as if you are not ready if he really left your life.

2. It’s proven that you’re easy to get seduced by rags repeatedly, even though you admit that you’re not interested

5 reasons he insists on approaching you even though he's been rejectedillustration of PDKT people (

You yourself, have told him frankly that you don’t have the same feelings as him. But the reality says differently. He always succeeds in making you blush every time he launches his rags seduction moves. Logically, if your feelings are not touched at all, you shouldn’t be so nervous, right?

So naturally, seeing your cat’s shy expression, he thinks there is still hope to win your heart. Honestly, do you actually have a little feeling for doi or not, huh? If it is, there is no need to be tired of denying it, just admit it as it is.

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3. He feels that he is the most suitable and suitable person as your partner

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5 reasons he insists on approaching you even though he's been rejectedillustration of PDKT people (

Unfortunately, you got a fan who over self-confident. Clearly, he calls himself the only person who is most worthy of being your lover. The proof is, whenever you have a problem, he is always the first person to help you. You also tell him a lot about your daily life.

But for you it’s just a coincidence. When you need help, he’s there for you. The same goes for stories about your personal life. Starting from the work situation in the office, to your dreams that have not been achieved. Honestly, it’s not just you telling him, really. But what the heck, he had the wrong idea and instead became big-headed like this.

4. Even though you already have a boyfriend, before marriage for him there is no giving up

5 reasons he insists on approaching you even though he's been rejectedillustration of PDKT people ( Katt)

Even though your current status has just been with someone else. Automatically doi have to be aware and retreat by itself, dong. Eh, instead of trying move on, he even more aggressively approached you. The fall is actually trying to ruin people’s relationships, right? Good thing your boyfriend is patient.

He even had time to make a statement that made your hair goose bumps. That is, as long as the yellow leaves have not curled in front of your house, they will not give up and continue to fight for your love. Wow, if that’s true, you and your boyfriend must act decisively, yes.

5. You never reject him firmly and only through code

5 reasons he insists on approaching you even though he's been rejectedillustration of PDKT people ( Ferr)

The last but not least, try to answer honestly how do you convey rejection to him? Don’t tell me you’ve only been using codes all this time. Hope this satire can make them sensitive and decide to turn right by themselves. The thing is, if you want to speak frankly, you don’t like it or not, really.

Yes, if he understands your intention to reject him, if not? It’s not his fault, you know if he’s still trying to approach you and hope you can see his sincerity. So, it’s better to just say it as it is, no need to use any code. Complicated!

Just like expressing love, rejecting someone’s feelings for you also takes great courage. In addition, you also have to be firm. Don’t just be afraid of being called cruel, you will reject it half-heartedly. Better to be honest. As long as you convey it gently, they shouldn’t be too hurt. Instead of things happening like this, you are also the one who is bothered.

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