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Employer tortured until he is considered insane, victim admits to the defendant’s actions

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Surabaya, – The victim of persecution on behalf of Elok Anggraini Setiawati was presented by Public Prosecutor (JPU) Siska Charistina at the Surabaya District Court, on Wednesday (18/8).

Elok was presented at the trial as a witness to the persecution that befell him by Firdaus Fairus while working as a domestic assistant (ART) at the defendant’s house.

Accompanied by his son, AP, who is only 8 years old, the son testified that he often saw his mother being tortured by his own employer.

“I dare not help mother. I was once scolded by my aunt (defendant Firdaus) for helping my mother when she was scolded by my aunt. So, I just kept quiet. Only once did you get angry with me,” Aprilia said in response to a question from the Chief Justice Martin Ginting, during the trial which was held in Candra’s room.

It didn’t stop there, apart from being scolded for helping his own mother, AP was also ordered by the defendant to call his mother by name only. “I was told to call Anggra. Auntie who ordered,” he said.

The boy, who is still in grade 2 of elementary school, recounted when he often saw his mother being beaten by his employer. At that time the defendant hit the victim using a paralon pipe and a hose. In addition, he had also seen his mother asked to water the plants in the backyard without a single piece of clothing.

“At that time, in the bathroom, my mother was beaten with the green hose, as well as a long pipe. I can only see. But, I can’t help. I am afraid of being scolded by my aunt. Mother was sometimes beaten with a hose. Sometimes I also use a broom,” he said in a low voice.

Another fact revealed at the conference was that Elok was often fed last. Sometimes they are not given food either.

“Auntie often forbids mother to eat. If there is leftover food, auntie immediately told to throw it away. So, mother does not eat, “he said.

Meanwhile, Elok revealed that he started working with the defendant since April 2020. The promised salary is Rp 1.5 million per month. It’s just that, while working with Fairus, he never got the salary.

“I’ve tried to ask my salary. But, Mrs. Fairus just kept quiet. I only asked once. After that, I just work. Without asking again. I once borrowed money from Mrs. Fairus. Twice. First, Rp 400 thousand, then Rp 600 thousand, “said Elok.

As time went on, Elok’s unfortunate fate occurred for the first time in August 2020. At that time, he accidentally spilled liquid soap in the bathroom. Since then, the defendant has started to lighten up on Elok. In fact, every work done by this ART is considered wrong in the eyes of the defendant.

“At that time I was told to clean the bathroom upstairs (second floor). After that, I accidentally spilled liquid soap. At that time, Fairus sister immediately took the sower. Then hit my head until it bleeds. He was angry, because he said the price was expensive,” he explained.

Every day, the defendant would beat Elok. Firdaus sometimes hit him with his bare hands. Sometimes I also use tools. Also, it is not uncommon for kicks to land on his body. “If the hands are empty, it’s usually on the face. If his feet are usually directed at my feet. But, if it is a tool, it must be on the back,” he said.

The torture wasn’t just a beating. A hot iron was once placed on his left hand and foot. “I was ironing clothes at that time. Suddenly, Fairus’ sister came in. Keep taking the iron and then stick it to my hands and thighs,” he added.

It didn’t stop there, Elok admitted that he had been given cat litter mixed with his rice. Then, the defendant fed the dirt to Elok. Forcing this household member to eat rice mixed with animal waste.

“Indeed, when I was sweeping, I didn’t see any cat litter under the pit. The excrement was seen by the defendant. He immediately took it and then fed it to me. He gave three bites. But I do not swallow. I just keep it in my mouth. Then I threw it away,” he said.

It is known that Elok last worked with the defendant in May 2021. The defendant saw that he was no longer able to work. Then, the defendant took Elok to the Pondok Social Environment (Liponsos).

“I am no longer able to walk. Because my feet are swollen. My body is already thin,” he said again.

It is known that the defendant was detained by the Surabaya Police in the middle of last May. (bd/fm).

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