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Cidaun Cianjur Sub-district Head Attends Farewell Event for Agricultural Extension Coordinator Employees

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CIANJUR, Radar – Head of Cidaun sub-district, Cianjur Regency, West Java Province, Herlan Iskandar. S.IP attended a farewell ceremony with one of the agricultural extension coordinators in Cidaun Sub-district who had retired.

From the direct observation of Radar journalists, the farewell event was attended by the Head of Cidaun Sub-district, Herlan Iskandar. S.IP, Head of the UPTD for Cidaun Agricultural Services, ENCIB. BM. SP. M.Si, Cidaun PPL and POPT, Naringgul PPL and POPT, and 14 elements of GAPOKTAN management in Cidaun district in the Cidaun Agricultural Extension Center hall, Thursday (19/08/2021).

Head of Cidaun Sub-district, Herlan Iskandar. SIP in his speech said, “Mutations, rotations and pensions are not strange anymore, they are mandatory and have the right to retire.

There must be a working period, and there is also a retirement period, where the functional retirement period is 58 years, structural is 56 years, and I myself live for 8 months,

Furthermore, to Pak Sugandi, I’m sorry that I can’t give anything, only prayers that I can give as much as possible.

Hopefully, after ten years of work, there are no defects, problems, I thank you for the services and kindness of Mr. Sugandi.

Now is the time to rest, I hope you are given health and a long life, and his sustenance is lowered.

The rest of life with family is given peace and tranquility, during work there are mistakes and mistakes, please forgive.

Furthermore, the Camat also conveyed his hopes in front of all invitees, “in various activities, to PPL, Gapoktan, Poktan, if there are activities to invite or involve the community, do not let the community not be involved.

To our society, it must be clarified, whether the question of seeds, fertilizers, or the problem of plant pesticides?

The Langan Agricultural Instructors (PPL) must be able to bridge community problems, so that agriculture in the Cidaun sub-district is successful, meaning that the extension workers are successful. he concluded.

Sugandi. SPKP in his speech said; “During his time at BPP Cidaun, he received a CHARTER of AWARD as an outstanding instructor at the district level, meaning; delivered as motivation, working professionally, and working sincerely, not thinking much about others and carrying out the leadership’s orders.

“Suggest to maintain cohesiveness, togetherness, build transparency. If asked to support and give advice to the instructor, Inshaa Allah ready.

Thank you for being together all this time, hopefully it will be useful, sorry if there is something wrong.

It is hoped that the Gapoktan administrators “the best human beings are those who are beneficial to other humans”. Devoted to helping its members.

(AE Nasution)

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