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Price And Specifications Lock And Lock Mix Hand Blender – Collection Of Articles Happening Now

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Price and Specifications of Lock And Lock Mix Hand Blender

Price and Specifications of Lock And Lock Mix Hand Blender – Along with the times, cooking utensils also developed rapidly. First we only knew various simple cooking utensils such as pans, mortars and others.

But now there are a lot of equipment products to help you in terms of cooking, one of them is the lock and lock mix hand blender.

With this blender you can make juices, food in a short time, besides this lock n lock hand blender is quite energy efficient.

Besides functioning as a locknlock mix hand blender, this hand blender is also a chopper, so you can chop vegetables or fruit into chips.

Here are the specifications of the lock and lock hand blender:

Hand blender equipped with Chopper 220-240V – 50/ 60HZ ABS body, injection color Removable plastic rod 2O0W DC motor SS whisk 1 speed knob, with two-leaf stainless steel blade Full copper DC motor, Watt/Voltage : 220- 240V – 50/ 60HZ 200W

Function :

Locknlock Hand Blender 200 Watt + 3 Accessories, Locknlock Hand Blender with a comfortable grip and speed that suits your needs. This blender is ideal for making everyday meals or preparing a banquet at a party.

lock & lock hand blender is made of Food Grade material. The material is made of stainless steel ideal for pulverizing fruit and vegetables. In addition, this hand blender is equipped with a chopper, container and stirrer.

Fun concept of lock n lock mix hand blender


Nowadays, many people spend time at home with their families, and of course the activity of eating together is very much awaited, they must prepare healthy nutritional foods for their families and all of that can be fulfilled with the Hand Blender Set from Lock & Lock.


Invest not only for banking but also for cooking utensils which will also determine your future. for that start using the LocknLock Hand Blender Set because it is easy to use and clean and most importantly low wattage.


LocknLock Hand Blender can produce various types of juices or drinks that taste perfect and don’t take long, so that every family can have many choices in determining the food menu they want without worrying about spending a lot of money and time.

The price for this locknlock mix hand blender product is around Rp. 773,000 on the marketplace site. Prices from one marketplace to another may be different.

So, those are the specifications and prices for the locknlock mix hand blender, hopefully this information can help you in determining the choice of blender you want to buy.

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