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Top 3 News of the Day: How a Cat Saved its Owner from Falling into the Abyss

  • Share, Jakarta – Top 3 News Today about how a cat rescued its owner who fell into a ravine. The black cat kept meowing knowing its master had fallen.

A member of the community tried to bring the rescue team to the location of the 83 -year -old woman who fell. The cat named Piran never stopped meowing.

In addition to the cat question, other news about smallest country in a world at risk of sinking due to climate change. The country is Tuvalu, the fourth smallest country after the Vatican, Monaco and Nauru.

However, there are fears that the whole country, which at its highest point is only 4.5 meters above sea level, could suddenly ‘disappear from the map’ due to drowning. Not only Tuvalu, large parts of the Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands and many others in the western Pacific are also close to experiencing similar conditions due to climate change.

Meanwhile from Indonesia, the Department of Community Nutrition of IPB and the Ministry of Religion, as well as PT Ajinomoto Indonesia initiated the School Lunch Program (SLP). This initiative presents a module containing nutritional education guidelines that are easy to apply by Islamic boarding schools, including public schools.

“Through this SLP Handbook, Ajinomoto wants to implement the program to more Islamic boarding schools and public schools in order to improve the nutritional status of teenagers in Indonesia, especially during the pandemic,” said Katarina Larasati, Public Relations Manager of PT Ajinomoto Indonesia, in a written statement. received by, Wednesday (18/8/2021). Check out the full discussion of the three Top 3 News Today’s news through the following summary.

How a cat saved its owner from falling into the abyss

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A pet cat is hailed as a hero. Praise came after he managed to help rescuers find their owner, an 83-year-old grandmother who fell into a ravine in England last weekend.

Authorities have been searching for the elderly woman, who was missing for more than an hour when a member of the public heard her cat, Piran, meow, Bodmin Police wrote on Facebook, as reported by Fox News, Wednesday, August 18, 2021.


The Smallest Country in the World Threatened by Sinking and Due to Climate Change

The name Tuvalu may not be widely known. The 26 sq km country is the fourth smallest country after the Vatican, Monaco and Nauru. The population is about 10 thousand people.

Previously, the country was called the Ellice Islands. The country, located between Hawaii and Australia in the Pacific Ocean, is close to Kiribati, Nauru, Samoa, and Fiji.


IPB Prepared a Nutrition Guidebook to Reduce Anemia Cases in Islamic Boarding School Children

The case of anemia among Islamic boarding school children is still a scourge, especially experienced by female students. There are many reasons behind this, one of which is the lack of knowledge about balanced nutrition and how to fulfill it.

Starting with a pilot project in two Islamic boarding schools in 2018, the School Lunch Program (SLP) was held again this year by presenting a module containing nutrition education guidelines that were easy to apply by pesantren, including public schools that provided lunch menus for their students. The program was initiated by the Department of Community Nutrition of IPB and the Ministry of Religion, as well as PT Ajinomoto Indonesia.


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