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Easy Ways to Download Korean Drama The Penthouse 3 Episode 9 Indonesian Subtitle

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7 August 2021 12:15 WIB

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JAKARTA, JITUNEWS.COM – The Korean drama titled The Penthouse 3 has entered its ninth episode.

In episode nine, Joo Dan Tae and Cheon Seo Jin celebrate together because their plan worked, blaming Logan’s death on Su Ryeon.

Meanwhile, Su Ryeon is reunited with Logan, who tells Logan, who tells him everything that happened to him.

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Seok Kyung realizes that Yoon Hee’s death was his fault. He tells Seok Hoon about Miss Jin’s involvement in her death.

Meanwhile, Seo Jin informs the board members of the Cheon A Foundation about Su Ryeon’s disappearance and legal issues. Then, Yoon Chul brought Ms. Jin to Logan and Su Ryeon, who demand the truth.

Lohan, Su Ryeon, and Yoon Chul watched Seo Jin kill Yoon Hee in the dashcam footage of Ms. Jinn.


  • Judul: The Penthouse 3
  • Release date: June 4, 2021
  • TV Network: SBS
  • Showtimes: Friday at 22.00 KST or 20.00 WIB.

Player List

  • Lee Ji Ah – Shim Su Ryeon
  • Eugene – Oh Yoon Hee
  • Kim So Yeon – Cheon So Jin
  • Uhm Ki Joon – Joo Dan Tae
  • Lee Yoon Jong Hoon – Ha Yoon Chul
  • Bong Tae Kyu –Lee Kyu Jin
  • Yoon Joo Hee – Go Sang A
  • Shin Eun Kyung – Kang Ma Ri
  • Ha Do Gwon – Ma Doo Gi
  • Kim Hyun Soo – Bae Ro Na
  • Jin Ji Hee – Yoo Jenny
  • Lee Tae Bin – Lee Min Hyuk
  • Han Ji Hyun – Joo Seok Kyung

Download dan Streaming The Penthouse 3

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