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1. What is the introduction in the fairy tale? 2. How is the description of the characters in

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1. Fairy tale is one of the folklore that is quite diverse in scope and comes from various ethnic groups, communities, or certain regions in various parts of the world

2. 1.Direct Drawing of Characters

2.Physical and Behavioral Description

3.Character Drawing from the Environment

4. Character Depictions of Grammar

5. Depictions of Characters by Other Characters

6.Description of Characters from the Way of Thought put forward by the author

3. like a gadung tree and a corn tree

4. The fairy tale of the founder is a type of witty fairy tale that tells about a ridiculous experience or the behavior of a clever and witty character.

5. Introduction; the introductory part of a fairy tale. This section is usually made to briefly explain the contents of a fairy tale. Contents (Events); that is the main and most important part of a fairy tale where the contents tell each incident in sequence


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