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Domestic ChromeBook laptop prices and specifications

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ChromeBook prices for schools made by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Google, and 6 local OEMs can be found on the LKPP E-catalog page.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) is collaborating with Google, and 6 OEMs in producing domestic ChromeBooks or so-called “laptops for schools.”

Wikan Sakarinto as Director General of Vocational Education at the Ministry of Education and Technology previously said at the Google for Education event that each ChromeBook price is listed in the E-catalog by the Government Goods/Services Procurement Agency (LKPP).

ChromeBook Specifications

This ChromeBook uses the lightweight ChromeOS, and is designed with low specs in mind. However, it will still provide optimal performance for the continuity of student learning. Oh yes, this ChromeBook will also be intended for use with an internet network.

Produced by 6 different OEMs, namely Advan, Axioo, SMC, TSMID, Zyrex, and Evercoss, but the main specifications of each ChromeBook are the same. This is due to the requirements given to vendors. The requirements are Dual Core 1.1GHz processor 1MB Cache (Intel Celeron N4020), 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, and 32GB eMMC Storage. While the screen is required to measure 11.6 inches.

So, we can be sure ChromeBook for school has the above specifications. Turning to the price, each brand is priced differently. The following is a list of prices according to the E-catalog page.


  • ADVAN CHROMEBOOK 116: Rp6,499,000


  • SPC CHROMEBOOK X1 MINI: Rp6.490.000
  • SPC CHROMEBOOK X1 TOUCH: Rp8.470.000


  • EVERCOSS CHROMEBOOK (CB1): Rp6.800.000


  • ZYREX CHROMEBOOK M432-1: Rp5,975,000
  • ZYREX CHROMEBOOK 360-1: Rp7.140.000
  • ZYREX CHROMEBOOK M432: Rp6,850,000


  • AXIOO CHROMEBOOK: Rp6,499,000
  • AXIOO CHROMEBOOK 360: IDR 6,849.000

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