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Random Swab Test at Makassar Boundary, Many Residents Out of Town Positive Covid-19

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MAKASSAR, GOSULSEL.COM – Some of the new cases of residents infected with Covid 19 came from outside Makassar. These findings are based on the results of random swab tests at a number of city border points.

The Mayor of Makassar, Mohammad Ramdhan ‘Danny’ Pomanto, said that 750 people had been arrested. That’s based on the latest data reported.

Of that number, 22 of them were confirmed positive for Covid-19 from the results of the antigen swab. Some are local residents.

“The problem is that in three days, there were 750 of them. 22 which is positive, but half of it is from out of town. And that’s all 350 from outside the city,” he said, Thursday (19/08/2021).

Danny responded to the contagion data that experienced a spike. To touch a thousand cases in a week.

“So it is true what I said earlier that in Makassar, the contribution of friends from outside the city is very large,” Danny explained.

He also mentioned the great contribution of those who were infected and traveled. Therefore, Makassar is considered safe from the Covid-19 virus.

“We found that from travelers who wanted to travel until they did a rapid antigen test. From the results of the rapid test, the results were positive for Covid-19, “he continued.

“The main principle in Makassar is that it’s safe. It’s just because there is a travel cluster, so it’s a Makassar cluster,” Danny said.

Danny admitted that he was constrained by authority if he found a Covid case from outside Makassar. The treatment concerned is limited to providing recommendations to health facilities from their area.

Especially for Makassar residents, the KM Umsini ship has been prepared as a place for isolation of covid 19 patients. Those being treated are patients with mild symptoms.

“No. That one is recommended to a hospital, for example, if one is in Maros, in Maros. In Gowa, in Gowa. In the pangkep, in the pangkep. It’s in Bone and it’s also in Luwu. But specifically for Makassar, it came in,” concluded Danny.

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