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DPR pushes for improvements at the Attorney General’s Office after the Pinangki case

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – Member of Commission III of the House of Representatives (DPR) Hinca Pandjaitan pushed for improvements within the Indonesian Attorney General’s Office to be more professional in resolving cases, especially after the Pinangki Sirna Malasari or Pinangki criminal cases.

“Commission III of the Indonesian House of Representatives encourages improvements in the Indonesian Prosecutor’s Office to be more professional in resolving a case. When an individual from the Indonesian Prosecutor’s Office is proven legally guilty, it is the responsibility of the Indonesian Attorney’s Office to act decisively,” Hinca said in a written statement in Jakarta, Saturday. .

Hinca said that Pinangki’s dismissal was late because the case that happened to Pinangki when he was a prosecutor was sentenced on June 14, while he was only officially fired as a civil servant (PNS) on August 5.

“Even though he was declared fired, in my opinion it is clear that this decision is too late,” he asserted.

The argument from the Indonesian Prosecutor’s Office to fire Pinangki, waiting for his inkrah status for almost two months after the guilty verdict, according to Hinca, is very slow.

“Even though the time period for submitting an appeal is only 14 days. So normatively, the decision to dishonorably dismissal should have been issued in July 2021,” he said.

Pinangki’s dismissal gave a bad impression because most of the public thought that the Attorney General’s Office had only fired Pinangki after strong pressure from the public, he said.

“This incident must be evaluated. After all, the Indonesian Prosecutor’s Office is a law enforcement agency, so that it inevitably becomes one of the faces of law enforcement in the country,” said the member of the Democratic Faction.

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