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5 Ways to Make Cats More Active and Happy at Home All

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JAKARTA, – Keeping a cat has many benefits for humans such as improving mood, relieving stress, and even lowering the risk of heart disease.

Some people choose to let the cat in and out of the house, some also require the pet cat to stay indoors to avoid the risk of being lost and contaminated with bacteria from outside the house.

Cats that live indoors have a longer lifespan than feral cats, this is because they are protected from the risk of poisoning or disease outside the home and their nutritional needs are well met.

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However, due to being in the house for too long, cats often lack physical activity which makes them more easily stressed and unhappy.

Launching from the official website of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), Saturday (7/8/2021), you can do the following to keep your cat happy at home.

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1. Provide fun activities

Basically cats like physical activity that makes them tired. If you have a cat at home, you can give him toys to train him physically.

Some cat toy options that require agility are toys with fur, toys with hanging ropes, scratch points and toys with lights or lasers.

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2. Let the cat hunt

If you keep your cat at home without giving him enough stimulation, the cat will get bored and try to get out.

In addition to toys, you can also help your cat train its natural hunting instincts. You can hide your favorite food or treat in an area of ​​the house so that the cat is actively moving and looking for food.

This is also often done on lions and tigers in zoos to maintain their mental health.

Illustration of a cat enjoying catnip.SHUTTERSTOCK/ANNA HOYCHUCK Illustration of a cat enjoying catnip.

3. Give catnip

Catnip is a plant in the mint family that contains natural oils that can have a strange effect on cats. Cats love to sniff and lick this plant.

You can find catnip in spray or dried form, you can even plant it and place it near a window.

Catnip has many benefits for cats, one of which can make cats happy and less stressed.

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4. Provide a place to climb

Cats are natural climbers, in the wild they are accustomed to climbing trees when chasing prey and tend to seek high places when frightened.

You can buy a cat climbing place or cat tree so that the cat has a place to climb and relax. You can also make it yourself at home so that the cat’s climbing needs are still met.

5. Show love to cats

Lastly, it may be very simple but very powerful to make your pet cat less stressed and happy. Give more attention and show your affection to the pet cat.

Unlike feral cats, domesticated cats crave human attention. You can pet, comb the cat’s fur and play with the cat every day.

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