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Easy and Delicious, Recipe for Making Rawon ala Mama Lita

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JAKARTA, – Rawon is one of the most popular Indonesian dishes. This black soup with a unique taste is known as a typical dish of East Java.

On her YouTube channel, Mama Lita has just shared a recipe and how to make rawon which is guaranteed to be delicious and savory. Apparently making rawon is not difficult, you know, let’s take a peek at the recipe below!

Materials needed:
Shallots, garlic
6 large chilies
1-2 tomatoes
Coriander to taste
6 hazelnuts
250 gr brown sugar
2 tsp broth powder
enough terrace
Ginger to taste
Turmeric to taste
3-4 stalks of lemongrass
Bay leaves to taste
Citrus leaves to taste
Kluwek to taste
Carrots to taste
enough cabbage
Enough beef
Fried onions
Sufficient bean sprouts
Enough lime

How to make:
1. Puree the onion, garlic, candlenut, ginger, shrimp paste, red chili, kluwek, blender until smooth then stir-fry
2. Boil the beef until cooked
3. Enter the lemongrass, bay leaf, and lime leaves into the stir-fried ground spices, add pepper, when it is cooked put it into the beef stew
4. Add brown sugar, powdered broth, sugar, and salt
5. Add chilies, tomatoes, carrots and cabbage, cook until cooked
6. Add fried onions, bean sprouts, and lime as a complement

Before trying to make it right away, let’s see the full tutorial only on the Mama Lita Channel YouTube channel!

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