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IPOBA, Boba Drink for Preventing Hypertension by IPB Students

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BOGOR, – For those of you who like boba drinks, this time there is something special loh namely IPOBA. This drink is not only refreshing but also healthy, especially for people with hypertension or high blood pressure. The reason is, the drink made by IPB (Bogor Agricultural University) University students is indeed designed to treat hypertension.

The IPB campus never stops encouraging its students to continue to innovate. This time, the PKM-K (Student-Entrepreneurial Creativity Program) team of IPB succeeded in realizing beneficial drinks to reduce hypertension.

The team consisting of Nurjanah, Christy Octaviani Hutapea, Farah Hani Itsna, Nadya Azzahra, and Safwan Arief Hasibuan created a product called IPOBA, which is a type of boba drink. The name IPOBA is taken from the name of the drink itself, namely: Ipomea batatas 50 which is the Latin name for the sweet potato plant.

The students under the guidance of Dr. Nancy Dewi Yuliana did research and the result was a functional drink product that prevents hypertension from sweet potato leaf extract.

The motivation for making this drink is based on the prevalence of hypertension sufferers. Based on data World Health Organization (WHO) in 2015, it is known that around 1.13 billion people in the world have hypertension and it continues to increase every year.

NahThis product is an alternative to prevent hypertension. While the target is to target the productive age who usually likes to eat foods high in sodium, excessive stress, rarely exercise, and other unhealthy lifestyles that can trigger hypertension. This is in line with the IPOBA tagline, Preventing Hypertension with a Tasty Way.

As explained, IPOBA is made from the sweet potato plant as the main ingredient of the drink. The parts of the plant that are used are the leaves and tubers. Both parts according to scientific research conducted by Jawi and Yasa (2012) were able to lower the blood pressure of rats in an experiment. One of the factors that cause this functional property is because sweet potato leaves have a high potassium content and can prevent hypertension.

The IPOBA product concept is a type of boba drink, but this is different from the boba on the market which is currently being popular among the productive age. IPOBA has lower calories and higher fiber content.

“Our team took the initiative to present IPOBA as a healthier alternative to boba drinks to prevent hypertension in a way that is preferred by productive ages. Currently, IPOBA is available in three cities, namely Bogor, Bekasi, and Medan. In the future, we intend to reach more cities,” said Nurjanah, team leader.

Apart from PKM activities, Nurjanah hopes that the “IPOBA” innovation product can further develop and achieve market targets both domestically and abroad while at the same time being able to prosper Indonesian farmers.

“To find out more about IPOBA products, you can visit IPOBA’s social media pages such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok with the username ipoba.corp,” concluded Nurjanah.

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