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How to make a fresh graduate CV, pay attention to these 8 things

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A CV that has an attractive design and content certainly has a great chance of passing the filing stage and being called by the company. – How to make a CV for a fresh graduate or a recent college graduate. Creating a curriculum vitae is the gateway to the world of work.

A CV that has an attractive design and content certainly has a great chance of passing the filing stage and being called by the company.

As a fresh graduate who just wants to start a career, do you know how to make a good and correct CV for fresh graduates?

Here’s how to create a fresh graduate CV

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1. Make an interesting introduction

Making an introduction at the beginning of the curriculum vitae for fresh graduates is mandatory even if you do not have work experience. This section can be said to be the first impression you give to HRD.

What kind of introduction is suitable to be included in a CV for a fresh graduate from a vocational school or a CV for a fresh graduate from a bachelor’s degree? Arrange the words that show that you have value that can be sold. In addition, add something that shows that you are a confident person and deserves to be considered for a job call and pass the job interview stage.

The following is an example of the introduction section in the Indonesian fresh graduate curriculum vitae:

“I graduated from Kemala University majoring in Business Administration with a 4.00 GPA. I have high enthusiasm and willingness and take full responsibility in doing a job to help the company.”

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In addition, you can also make it in an English fresh graduate CV. For example:

“A highly determined graduate who can adapt in a new set quickly and is passionate in the Administration Business field. Besides, I am eager to learn new things as an individual and team work.”

2. Complete the educational background section

Educational background has become a mandatory item in the CV of new graduates. Write down your educational background as briefly as possible and do not need to include your educational history from kindergarten to junior high school. Just list your last education in high school or college.

3. List achievements, certifications, internship experience and abilities

Don’t worry if you don’t have work experience. Naturally, his name is also a fresh graduate. However, you can maximize the contents of your CV by adding a few points, such as a list of outstanding achievements, certifications you have participated in and don’t forget the internship experience if any. Include the appropriate job, yes!

Not without reason. By listing your achievements, you will be seen as having more value, as well as certifications in certain fields. Oh yes, organizational experience has an important role too, you know. Make sure you mention it too.

Because everyone has the ability in a certain field. Try to rank the abilities you have such as interpersonal skills in the form of negotiation, leadership or communication. The ability in language and mastery of technology should also not go unnoticed, OK!

4. Do not exaggerate

Do not let the lack of work experience make you exaggerate the contents of the CV made. Be honest in every filling in the required data. Honesty is very important in all situations. So, fill in the data and capabilities that you do have and do not invent.

5. Do it creatively

The COVID-19 pandemic has made finding work even more difficult. You may have made several copies of your CV to be addressed to various companies, but make sure not to make the contents the same or general but also not too complicated to make you dizzy and uncomfortable. Even though the vacancies offered by these companies are almost the same, you still need to personalize.

For example, by writing down why you want to work for the company and what you know about its culture or products. That way, recruiters or HRD are more interested in calling you.

7. Select the appropriate format

It’s a good idea to look at the CV references for fresh graduates before making them. It is important for you to do it so that you know which one is suitable and suitable. Nowadays, creative and modern CVs are widely used to apply for jobs other than professional CVs.

If you don’t have design skills and are not a graphic designer, don’t worry because there is a CV maker application that is free and can be downloaded from your cellphone. Very easy, right! Even if your CV template is the result of an app download, make sure you edit it so that it doesn’t look the same and is a bit different.

8. Make sure no information is missing

If so, make sure no information is missed. It’s fatal if you miss any personal data that is really needed, such as contacts or educational background.

Oh yeah, let’s take a look again, maybe there are still points that don’t really need to be included. So, that way, a fresh grad CV is ready to be sent along with other job application files.

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