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Traditional Architecture, the Existence of Local Wisdom in the Minang Land

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Architect and Beradat, the Existence of Local Wisdom in the Land of Minang

Architecture-based tourism is a big potential in West Sumatra.

By : Feriawan Hidayat / Rumah Gadang in South Solok which was built by Kempupera. (Photo: By courtesy)Jakarta, -architecture of the archipelago which has high cultural value, makes the figure of the building widely displayed for new architectural functions. One of them is the traditional Minang house from West Sumatra. Its unique shape is considered to be the potential of regional architecture which is rich in philosophy and various cultural customs.

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Moreover, the form of the gadang house with a “bagonjong” roof is often used to represent typical Indonesian buildings on various occasions. ” organized by IAI and Kenari Djaja, Wednesday (18/8/2021).

READ ALSO The former Chairperson of the West Sumatran Indonesian Architects Association (IAI) explained that the architectural figure of the rumah gadang was planned with full consideration of customs, showing the procedures and structures of society as a noble culture.

“The beautiful appearance of traditional West Sumatran architecture really amazes tourists when visiting the Minang realm,” explained Dhasmayza. People’s lives with their customs can still be seen in several historical heritages of traditional houses in the South Solok area which have been successfully restored and revitalized by the local government together with experienced architects. .

Through this restoration experience, Nadia Purwestri from the Architectural Documentation Center, shows how beautiful the traditional ‘Rumah Gadang’ design and construction and other Minang traditional houses have been able to support the building for so long. READ ALSO

On the other hand, people in the city of Padang can accept modern Minang architecture through the presence of the West Sumatra Grand Mosque which was designed by Rizal Muslimin IAI Architects based on local philosophy and wisdom.

Nadia explained, the architecture of this modern mosque is proof that Minang architecture can still adapt to a new life that is the pride of the people of West Sumatra.

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Chairman of the Indonesian Architects Association (IAI) West Sumatra Ivo Fridina IAI also expressed hope to preserve and develop architectural values ​​typical of Minang architecture. “This is because architecture-based tourism has great potential in West Sumatra,” said Ivo.

READ ALSO Cultural Variety Influences Architectural Development of the Archipelago, General Chairperson of IAI I Ketut Rana Wiarcha IAI added, every architect has an interest and responsibility for historical heritage. modern,” said Ketut Rana.

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