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Best Offline Android Strategy Games

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Android Offline Strategy Game

7 Best Offline Android Strategy Games Worth Playing – Strategy in every game is needed to win the game. In addition, it can also serve to sharpen the brain. Currently there are many special games for strategy that you can play offline on Android. To get Android offline strategy game Of course, you have to download it on the Playstore.

In the digital era that is increasingly developing today, games are not only used to fill spare time. But it can be used to sharpen the mind to be smarter to find solutions to existing problems. That’s one of the benefits of games with the strategy genre.

Best Offline Android Strategy Games

Android Offline Strategy Game

Some strategy games can also be played online, for example COC and Vainglory. But this time we will discuss a strategy type game that can be played offline as an alternative when you don’t have an internet connection.

1. Android Offline Strategy Game, Plants vs. Zombies

Who is not familiar with the game Plants vs. Zombies, it can be said that they are less fanatical about strategy games. This one game was widely known when the PC version appeared a few years ago, now you can also play it on Android.

Your job is to keep the plants from being eaten by zombies that move very slowly. At first you are provided with sunflowers that will produce sun to be used when buying other plants that can fight the zombies.

The first time you play this game, you will definitely be addicted and don’t want to stop. Because in each level, you will get items in the form of pots, plants, diamonds, etc. that will work at the next level.

2. Steampunk Tower

From the name, it can be seen that this type of game uses a tower defense theme. Yes, it’s not wrong, your mission must be to defend the tower from incoming enemy attacks. In addition, you can also seize enemy towers to expand your territory.

3. Alien Creeps TD

This one also carries Epic tower defense, you can download it for free on Playstore. Alien Creeps TD has good quality graphics and easy gameplay for beginners. Your main task is to protect the earth from the onslaught of alien attacks.

You can buy heroes or upgrade towers if you feel the enemy is too strong. But most importantly, you have to apply the right strategy to defeat all the invading aliens.

4. Android Offline Strategy Game, Little Commander

It’s still about offline strategy games with defense types, but this one is packaged in the form of a cute cartoon using modern weapons. In the Little Commander game, you play as a small commander who initially has a minimal army. The goal is to defend the territory from indiscriminate enemy attacks. Because at that time your army was still small, then use the best strategy to defend your area.

5. Tentacle Wars

Very rarely do we find offline strategy games that carry the theme of organism cells. FDG Entertainment managed to make a game with this theme that was packaged very nicely. You need a clever strategy so that these cells don’t die, namely by infecting other cells which will then join the tentacles to protect your host.

6. Stick War: Legacy

Love games with a stickman theme? Maybe you need to play this one. Stick War Legacy is a colossal epic game that is packed with the main role being a stickman. In this game, you will lead a colony to fight other forces by using various weapons of choice such as arrows, swords, spears ETC.

7. Chess Free

If this one doesn’t need to be explained in detail, from the name it can be seen that chess is a type of chess game that also uses strategy in its game. But there is a difference if you play it on Android offline, which is you can choose the desired game mode.

That’s 7 types Android offline strategy game which you can try to play. Of the games above, there are some that require in-app purchases. That is, you have to buy a feature or item in the game when you want to use it.

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