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7 Ways to Make the Coolest & Easiest Background in Word

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Did you know that how to make background in Word 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 is it not difficult at all and not complicated?

Although generally we use background or background plain white in various Microsoft Word documents, there are times when we need background color, logo, or even watermark for some documents.

Therefore, this time Jaka will discuss how to create a _background in Word with various variations, gang.

Guaranteed to be no less easy than creating an organizational structure in Word!

Versi Microsoft Word yang digunakan pada tutorial ini adalah Word 2010 yang menggunakan tab menu Page Layout untuk membuat _background_. Jika kamu menggunakan Word 2013 ke atas, maka gunakan tab menu Design.

How to Create a Background in Word

Background on Microsoft Word documents are very useful for various purposes, gang.

A document can look more attractive and aesthetic with their presence background, it can even look official, formal, and exclusive.

Well, if previously you were able to create frames in Word, now you will know how to make background in Word 2010, 2013, and other versions go through the following steps:

  1. Click the Page Layout menu tab (change the Design menu tab if using Word 2013 and above).

  2. Click the Page Color option.

  3. Click on the desired color.

  4. choose More Colors… if the color you are looking for is not available.

How to Make a Background in Word 2c76d

Pretty easy, right? Well, you also need to know that making background Using the Page Layout menu can also be applied to create gradations and insert images or photos, you know. Come on, see how!

Creating a Two-Color Gradient

  • Click option Fill Effects on the Page Color menu.

  • Click Gradient, select Two Colors.

  • Select the desired color in the Color 1 and Color 2 menus, shading style desired, as well as variants.

  • See the results of the gradation settings that have been set in the section Sample.

  • Click OK if it is what you want.

How to Create a Background in Word Bd9c3

Creating Three-Or Four-Color Gradients

  • Click option Fill Effects on the Page Color menu.

  • Click Gradient, press Preset.

  • Select a preset variant that has been provided, shading style, as well as variants.

  • See the results of the gradation settings that have been selected in the section Sample.

  • Click OK.

How to make a transparent background in word F2ad3

Make Background Photo or Image

  1. Click on the Page Layout menu.

  2. choose Fill Effects….

  3. Press on option Picture.

  4. Click Select Picture to search and select a photo or image.

  5. Press OK.

How to Create a Background in Word 2010 975f1

How to make Background Writing in Word

Background in the form of writing or watermark can also be created in Word, you know. You can use the format provided by Microsoft Word or create your own.

Different from background picture, background in written form or watermark generally made to maintain the authenticity of documents, gang.

So, to be clearer, please check the full tutorial in the following article, gang:

How To Make Watermark In Word Bd0f1
How to Make a Watermark in Word | No hassle! Suitable for Thesis

How to make a watermark in Word is not complicated, in fact it is short and easy to do. Suitable for important and personal documents such as thesis.

How to make Background Transparent in Word

If you want your Word document to have background which is not flashy to the point of potentially closing the text, you can make it transparent using the Watermark menu, you know.

Follow the following ways, yes:

  1. Select the Page Layout menu tab.

  2. Click option Watermark.

  3. choose Custom Watermark.

  4. Click Picture Watermark.

  5. Press Select Picture to find the photo or image you want to use watermark.

  6. Select an image, then click Insert.

  7. Open options Scale to set the image size to be smaller or larger.

  8. Click OK.

How to make a different background on every page 46277

How to Make a Different Background on Each Page

Actually, you can’t make background different on every page in the same Word document.

However, there is one way to outsmart this, namely by inserting an image or photo with the Insert menu and covering it up background which is on the next page.

So that you don’t get confused, it’s better if you just follow the steps below, gang!

  1. Click on the page to be given background different.

  2. Choose an option Picture which is in the tab Insert.

  3. Select the desired image, click Insert.

  4. Set the size of the image on the page so that it covers background previous page.

  5. Position the image in the following way:

  • Click Position which is on the menu Picture Tools, precisely in the Format.

  • Select the position of the image in the middle of the page.

  • Click Wrap Text and select Behind Text.

How to make a background in word 2016 A613e
  1. Set the image color so that it doesn’t cover the text, the steps are:

How to Make a Background in Word 2013 Aa66f
  1. Finished. Repeat the same way so that the page has background different.

How to Make Writing Background in Word Db3a8

The final word

That’s how to make background in Word 2016, 2013, 2010, and other versions, gang. It’s not as difficult as it looks, right?

Hopefully this tutorial can help beautify the Word document that you create, yes!

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