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Experimental design for growth and development on green bean plants, please help

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Does the perbedoon prevent them from working together? What benefits do we get when we are able to work with different people? …

1. Identify the human reproductive organs by completing the pictures/charts below (figures A and B). Write the name of the organ and its function…

a! 1 1 6 2 5 2 4 9 3 3 8 7 A 6 4 5 B.#please answer correctly don’t carelessly​

Mention articles about the benefits of biology in industrial agriculture and environmental management

Plants, stem modification form, purpose of modification, help answer thanks

Plants, stem modification form, purpose of modification, help answer thanks

Discourse 2 Adi and Nia are brother and sister who get along well. Currently, Adi is in grade 9 at SMPN 3 Pati, while Nia is in grade 7 at the same junior high school. Mer…

eka often do many activities together, help each other, also adventure together. They often vacation with their families to visit tourist attractions, for example, they have visited Gedong Songo, Umbul Sidomukti, Batu Raden, Taman Kyai Langgeng, and others. This holiday, Adi and Nia visited their grandmother’s house. Their grandmother’s house is in Kalongan Village, East Ungaran. Around their grandmother’s house there is a beautiful stretch of rubber forest. Nia often asks Adi to take pictures of himself in the rubber forest. Nia is stylish as she likes. Sometimes, because he feels annoyed, Adi doesn’t want to take pictures of Nia. Finally Nia (stylized) selfie with her tongsis. So that the cellphone doesn’t fall, Nia has to give (force) her tongs so that the longer her hands feel sore4. a. Is there a difference in meaning between the two bracketed words? Please explain your opinion. b. Why does Nia feel sore when holding the tongsis so that her cellphone doesn’t fall? Explain why when the selfie stick is not given force, the selfie stick and cellphone will fall to the ground? PLEASE ANSWER

Is there a loss of fiber material for humans? Explain

Tomatoes can flower and bear fruit throughout the season, while mangoes only flower and bear fruit in season. What are the factors that cause the condition…

and explain how they affect the inflorescence and what response the plant can have to these factors?

Consider the following organs 1. seminal vesicles 2. bulbouretral 3. vas deferens 4. prostate accessory gland in the male reproductive system in …

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