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Before Joining the Trend of Making Gardens on the Rooftop, Know These 5 Things

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JAKARTA, – In urban areas such as in the capital city, it is often limited in finding space to grow crops.

Especially if you are someone who lives in apartments, flats, shop houses or lives in a residence that no longer has empty space, it is difficult to grow plants.

Try to clear green land on di rooftop You. Rooftop gardens are an ideal way for urban gardening, and are now becoming a trend.

Rooftop gardens usually take advantage of space that is often unused and well wasted.

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Reported from Gardeningknowhow, Saturday (7/8/2021), there are several things that need to be considered before making a roof garden.

1. Find out the rules

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Find out how local ordinances, rental property regulations, or homeowners association regulations view rooftop gardens.

Rooftop gardens may be prohibited or require special care and it is always best to know these things before you shell out.

2. Contact the architect or contractor

Involve an architect or contractor as soon as possible. You don’t need an architect or contractor for the entire garden building process.

But you will need them to tell if the building is safe for a rooftop garden.

Some buildings are simply not designed to withstand the extra weight that would be added to the roof garden.

Other buildings may be able to withstand the extra load but may only be able to withstand a limited amount of load.

An architect or contractor should be able to tell you if this happens to the building.

3. Pay attention to the structure of the building

Pay attention to structurally your building whether it can take the extra weight because the roof garden design plays a role in the weight of your roof garden.

Try to use as little weight as possible. Use plastic planting containers, fiberglass, or foam and avoid using pavers.

Use potting soil that is lighter than garden soil. Use a shell styrofoam for drainage rather than stone or pottery shards.

You need to know that a rooftop garden will be much windier than a regular garden. You need to incorporate windbreaks into the roof garden design.

Try using a trellis or other latticed windbreak for your roof garden.

5. Installing the automatic watering system

Consider installing a water storage system or installing an automatic watering system.

This makes it easier, instead of having to carry out a long hose every day, up to the roof just to water the plants.

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