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Medan Mayor Receives Garbage Rickshaw CSR from GBI Offering House

  • Share – Mayor of Medan, Bobby Nasution appreciated and thanked the big family of the Indonesian Bethel Church (GBI) Rumah Dedication for the delivery of CSR assistance in the form of motorized tricycles for transporting garbage and motorized tricycles for watering plants. Of course, this CSR is a form of support for the Medan City Government in handling the cleanliness and maintenance of the park.

“Alhamdulillah, today we received CSR assistance from the GBI Family of the Offering House, on behalf of the Medan City Government I thank you. Of course, this assistance will be beneficial for more massive sanitation handling down to the lowest level,” said the Mayor when receiving CSR assistance from the GBI Family. ).

Bobby Nasution explained that one of the priority programs for Medan City development is cleanliness. Handling cleanliness, especially waste, is the main focus to make Medan City cleaner.

In order for this program to be successful, apart from the Rapid Action (Gercep), the relevant OPD ranks and the sub-districts, the support of all parties is also very much needed. Such as the support from the GBI Rumah Offering family by submitting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

“Handling of cleanliness is currently in each sub-district. With this CSR assistance, we hope that we can help with the handling of cleanliness, especially regional waste, “explained Bobby Nasution.

Bobby Nasution also explained that during this pandemic, the Medan City Government was focused on handling Covid-19. Moreover, in recent months the number of Covid-19 spreads in the city of Medan has increased, of course this requires special attention, because it is related to human life.

This means that the Medan City Government will reduce the spread of the virus as much as possible. However, that does not mean that other priority programs such as cleanliness are not focused on being done.

“The other 4 priority programs remain focused, I have asked the Deputy Mayor for information to focus more on the issue of cleanliness, so that all priority programs can be resolved and felt by the people of Medan City,” explained Bobby Nasution.

Regarding the handling of Covid-19, Bobby Nasution explained that starting today he will have offices in 5 sub-districts that are still in the Red zone. This is done so that the handling is more massive to the environmental level.

“From today onwards, Pak Sekda and I will have an office in one of the sub-districts that are still in the red zone. From the 5 red zone sub-districts, we will handle it better and implement the efforts that have been made by the Medan Tuntungan District related to environmental isolation. This is done so that the number of Covid-19 spreads in the sub-district can decrease, “said Bobby Nasution.

Meanwhile, representing the GBI Family of Offering Houses, RE Nainggolan said that the submission of the CSR becak for transporting garbage and motorized for watering plants is a form of support for the Medan City Government in the development of the city.

RE Nainggolan assessed that the City of Medan during Bobby Nasution’s leadership was very focused on handling cleanliness and gardens.

“This CSR is a form of our support for the Mayor of Medan, Bobby Nasution in carrying out his programs, especially in the field of cleanliness and parks. We hope that this motorized rickshaw can help the program,” he explained.

Furthermore, the Mayor of Medan who was present accompanied by the Head of the Prokopim, Arahman Pane and the Camat of Medan Tuntungan, Harry Indrawan Tarigan, handed over 3 keys to a motorcycle rickshaw transporting garbage and 2 keys to a motorized tricycle for watering plants to P3SU officers in the Medan Tuntungan Subdistrict. (***/release)

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