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Babinsa Social Communication 1802-06/Klamono Motivates Farmers – Pioneer of Wiratama

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push PW- (07/08/2021) – Babinsa Koramil 1802-06/Klamono Sertu Sutomo went directly to the field and carried out social communication with Mr. Pardi, a cayenne pepper (rica) farmer in Wonosari Village, Klamon District, Sorong Regency.

This is one of Babinsa’s efforts as TNI soldiers at the forefront, which is a manifestation of the TNI’s seriousness in helping the government to achieve food self-sufficiency and improve people’s welfare. “By going directly to the field and communicating, of course, there will be a good relationship with the community, communication with the community does not know the place, this activity is a form of TNI’s closeness to the community,” said Babinsa from the 1802/Sorong Kodim.

At the same time, Pak Pardi is very grateful for coming to his hut to motivate us farmers to be even more active in farming such as chili plants. And always remind to always take care of cayenne pepper plants regularly to prevent pest attacks.

“At the end of the KOMSOS, Babinsa Sertu Sutomo hopes that the harvest will increase which in itself will increase the income of the farmers,” concluded Babinsa.

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