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Without Complicated, Here’s How to Make an Online SIM

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During the current pandemic, the government has made several policies aimed at preventing the spread of Covid-19, such as PSBB, PPKM to PPKM Level 3-4. Of course it affects the decline in economic activity and community activities. But the help of technology can make it easier for us to take care of all our needs online.

One example is the online extension of a driving license (SIM). This document is mandatory for all motorists. SIM is proof of registration and identification issued by the Indonesian National Police (Polri) to a person to drive according to the type of motorized vehicle being driven, such as two-wheeled and four-wheeled.

To extend SIM online is quite easy. You don’t need to come to the location and queue at the location to prevent the spread of the corona virus (Covid-19). Simply by accessing the application from your cellphone, the SIM that has been extended will be delivered directly to your home.

This application can be downloaded through the App Store or Playstore. The applicant simply follows the instructions until payment and chooses the mechanism to renew or create a new SIM. However, those of you who apply for a new SIM are still required to come to the Satpas to practice directly at the SIM making place. However, you also have to test the theory contained in the Sinar application and pass it.

Two Ways of Making SIM

SIM Online through Sinar Application

1. Download the Sinar application on the Google Play Store and App Store.

2. Verify the mobile number by entering the OTP code.

3. Register by entering the NIK number.

4. Perform Face recognition.

5. Select the SIM type.

6. Payment of new PNBP SIM.

7. An online theory test that is preceded by a simulation of sample questions. 8. Pass and get a QR Code. 9. Select Satpas.

10. Choose a practice exam schedule.

SIM Online via the Police Site

1. Open access to the official Polri website on the page and select the ‘Online SIM Registration’ menu. Click the ‘Start’ button

2. After that, the ‘Application Data’ menu will appear. fill in and complete the data correctly

3. Click ‘Continue’, then, fill in personal data including nationality, ID card number, name, gender, to telephone number

4. Fill in the emergency data that can be contacted. In addition, there is also a validation data column that must include the name of the biological mother, as well as driving school certification data that can be filled in ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

5. Fill in all the required data. Make sure the data entered is correct.

6. Then click the ‘Continue’ button, and a confirmation menu of input data will appear according to the data entered in the process of how to make an online SIM before.

7. In this menu, there will be an arrival date column that can be selected according to the desired time to come to the Police Station or a pre-selected arrival location

8. Next fill in the verification code then click the ‘send’ button

9. After following how to make an online SIM, a successful registration screen will appear. Click ‘Ok’ and the process in the online SIM application is complete

10. After getting proof of online registration, the applicant will receive an e-mail. After that, make payments at ATMs, EDCs, or BRI tellers throughout Indonesia according to their respective costs (listed in the e-mail)

11. After paying the cost of making a SIM, go to the SIM Satpas or the police station by bringing your ID card and health certificate, according to the date and location selected during online registration

12. Then, the applicant just needs to take a series of tests to get a new driver’s license consisting of a theory test, a practical exam, and a skills exam through a simulator.

SIM making fee

Then what is the fee for making a SIM? The cost of making a SIM depends on the type of SIM made.

SIM A: Rp 120.000

SIM BI: Rp 120,000

SIM BII: Rp 120.000

SIM C: Rp 100.000

CI SIM: Rp 100,000

SIM CII: Rp 100,000

SIM D: Rp 50.000

SIM DI: IDR 50,000

International SIM: IDR 250,000

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