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Explain the procedure for making warning signs or symbols about potential hazards in the work area

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Comprehension Test1. When you want to choose an operating system for the computer you are using, which operating system will you choose? Explain the reason. …

2. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of Linux, Android, and iOS.3. Explain some of the harmful substances that come from computers. Given the many substances that are harmful to the environment contained in computer equipment, how do you think we should treat the waste from the disposal of used computers? 4. Explain some things that can be done by computer users to reduce e-waste.5. Describe some things you can do when choosing a computer to reduce energy consumption.CHAPTER 2 OPERATING SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE​

please help draw the flowchart diagram, pls, this is collected on Friday, thank you

How to make colorful text in answers or questions in brainly, how do you do it????The correct answer is big points, don’t just want to take points Answer …

All complete the formula huh

the types of software or software are as follows except….A application program B program editor C program package D utility program​

Explain the procedure for making warning signs or symbols about potential hazards in certain work areas in the company​

Mention what you know about management in content management system

1 explain the steps to run coreldraw with a size of 600x600px2. mention and explain the tools in the rectangle tool

Make an example of an automotive light vehicle engineering flowchart along with a picture (pictured) please help me!! collected today​

1. Below the information technology equipment group includes A. Computer B. Telegraph C. Satellite D. Modem 2.

and communication technology A. Computer B. Fax C. Televisid. Telephone​

ODP capacity of 48 cores used during installation

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