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Swollen Eyes from Crying All Night? Here’s How To Overcome It

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TRIBUNPALU.COM The sadness experienced by a person is sometimes expressed by crying.

Sometimes people cry all night and then fall asleep.

Of course this makes the eyes become swollen or puffy.

Also, consuming too much alcohol and salty foods can cause your eyes to become puffy.

Of course this will interfere with your appearance in the morning because your face looks not fresh.

Puffy eyes tend to go away on their own, but for those of you who want your puffy eyes to deflate faster, of course you have to do several things.

Quoting from, to overcome this, wrap cold vegetables such as peas or corn in a thin towel, then place them on your eyes for about 10 minutes.

This cool bag stimulates blood circulation under the eyes, which helps deflate the fluid lumps.

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Dermatologist Debra Luftman suggests soaking a soft washcloth in cold chamomile tea, then compressing the eyes with a cold cloth.

This method is also effective in dealing with puffy eyes because chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory properties.

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