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Let’s have a picnic! The Exoticism of Lake Matano Is Suitable For Your Escape – FAJAR

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FAJAR.CO.ID, MAKASSAR — Traveler, did you know that South Sulawesi has a lake that is predicated as the deepest lake in Southeast Asia, and is ranked as the eighth deepest in the world.

The lake, which is located in Nuha sub-district, Sorowako village, East Luwu Regency, has a depth of about 590 meters or 1,969 feet above sea level. The area is 164 sq km or the fifth largest lake in Indonesia.

This is Lake Matano. The lake, which is formed from thousands of springs, some of which are under the lake and not a tributary flow, will not experience drought even in the dry season.

Matano is surrounded by rocky mountains making this place a paradise that is always missed.

The water is so clear sometimes the eyes will be able to immediately see the view of the rocks and fish passing by at the bottom of the lake.

This lake is highly recomended for those of you who enjoy swimming and diving. Moreover, flora and fauna with 6 species of shells, 3 species of crabs, 6 species of shrimp and 10 species of sharp -finned fish are ready to pamper your eyes.

For flora, Matano has 7 endemic plant species. This is what causes this destination to be crowded and must be visited with family and relatives if you are traveling in the land of celebrities.

Uniquely some of these animals will not be found in other lakes in Indonesia. In this lake there is a unique endemic animal species, the name is ancient fish.

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