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Unique, This DPR Member Chooses to Celebrate RI’s Anniversary with Farmers at the Foot of Mount Giri Mulya

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In addition to sharing happiness with farmers in the festivities of the 76th Indonesian Independence Day, Dedi also gave them other happy news. Dedi invites the farmers to use a large area of ​​uncultivated land to become productive land. In addition, Dedi also provided assistance with plant seeds, fertilizers, and animal feed.

“As a form of my love (my love) to the farmers, I want to provide assistance in the form of seeds, fertilizer, and corn for animal feed,” he said.

“I hope this assistance can slightly ease the burden on farmers who are in trouble,” he continued.

According to Dedi, the Salam village he visited had quite fertile land which was very suitable for planting various productive crops, ranging from cassava, bananas, coconuts, to police chiefs. However, said Dedi, Kampung Salam farmers admitted that they had difficulty selling their crops in the midst of the current pandemic.

“Again, they complain about the banana harvest which is difficult to sell,” he said.

Even so, Dedi said he saluted the attitude of the farmers, including the residents of Kampung Salam. The reason is, they never get discouraged just because of economic limitations.

“Economic limitations do not discourage them. I salute the people at the foot of Mount Giri Mulya for being able to produce happiness behind their surrender,” he said.


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