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Check out Tips for Making Quality Dumpling Skin at Home, Already Know?

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MOMSMONEY.ID – Now you can make your own dumpling skin at home without having to buy it. How to? Check out this one article, yes!

Dumpling skin can be created into various foods such as Fried Dumplings, Wonton, Siomay, or Batagor typical of Bandung. But to reduce the budget, you can make it yourself at home.

Now, MomsMoney will present a complete recipe for making dumpling skin which is summarized from Royco, the following!

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  • Egg
  • Flour
  • Cornstarch
  • Salt
  • Air

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How to make

  • Put the flour, sago flour, salt, and water in a bowl.
  • Stir and knead until smooth. If the dough is not sticky, it means the dough is ready. Do not knead the dough again so that the dumpling dough does not shrink later.
  • The dough that has been kneaded earlier is allowed to stand while being covered by a cloth or plastic for 10-30 minutes so that it expands, is chewy, and moist.
  • If you want to make Boiled Dumplings, add an egg in the mixture to make it softer and more chewy.
  • If you want to make Fried Dumplings, don’t add eggs to the batter.
  • Roll out the dough with a noodle or pasta mill: First, roll out with the largest hole several times. Second, grind with smaller holes until thin so that they are crispy later.
  • Cut the dumpling skin dough with a size of 10 x 10 cm (box-shaped) according to standard sizes on the market
  • The dumpling skin dough is done!

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Le Gino Fried Dumplings

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To make dumpling skins with the same quality as those sold in convenience stores, here MomsMoney provides tips to make the dumpling skins crispy, as follows:

  • Use high protein flour for crispier dumplings
  • When filling the dumpling skin, don’t forget to glue it using plain water. This is done so that the shape of the dumplings does not change when fried or boiled.
  • Please note, do not overcook the dumplings. Boil the dumplings only to the extent that they float, and the skin becomes transparent.
  • For fried dumplings, simply fry the dumplings until they are golden yellow as it indicates the dumplings are crispy enough when eaten.

Well, that’s how to make dumpling skin dough that you can make yourself at home.

You can create this dumpling skin into various kinds of food according to your taste.

Come on, try it yourself at home!

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