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How to make a fan out of paper

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Indonesian (KD. 4.4) 2. Pay attention to the following text! God Almighty created humans differently, both in the physical form of ethnicity, religion, or …

un culture, Although different we all have to respect each other, respect each other, love each other. Likewise, we should not discriminate against each other. We can get along with all friends regardless of ethnicity, religion, or skin color. Revise the paragraph above to make it effective!​

can i ask for help too much

Read the text below! TUGU JOGJA Tugu Jogja or often referred to as Tugu Pal Putih by local people is a monument that is used as a la…

mbang from Yogyakarta City. The monument, which is located at the intersection of Jalan Jenderal Sudirman and Jalan Margo Utomo, has a symbolic value that is quite magical. This monument is now a popular tourist attraction. Initially this monument had the name Golong Gilig Monument. However, now it is better known as the white pal monument, because the color of paint used has always been white. It is known that the White Pal Monument has been a silent witness to the rapid development of the city of Jogja since three centuries ago. This historic monument was built by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono (HB) I in 1755, after the construction of the Yogyakarta Palace was completed. The location of the Jogja monument itself is said to have symbolic value because it is in a straight line connecting the South Sea, Yogyakarta Palace, and Mount Merapi. Previously, this monument was also called by the name golong gilig. This is because of the shape of the monument itself. Gilig means cylinder while Golong is like a solid ball. Initially, the monument was in the form of a cylindrical pillar that was conical to the top. While the base is a circular fence with a round top. The height of the golong gilig monument building initially also reached 25 meters. According to public belief, the shape of the monument has the meaning of unity between the Yogyakarta Palace and its people. The existence of this monument was also initially used as a guideline when Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I at that time did meditation overlooking the peak of Mount Merapi. The shape of this monument had changed after in 1867 there was a big earthquake that rocked Yogyakarta. This contributed to the collapse of the monument building. In 1889, the Dutch government finally repaired the monument building. At that time, the repair of the monument was under the supervision of Patih Dalem Kanjeng Raden Adipati Danurejo V. Since then, the shape and condition of the monument has changed. At that time the monument was made in a square shape with each side decorated with a kind of inscription indicating who was involved in the renovation. The top of the monument is no longer round, but is in the form of a pointed cone. The height of the building has also become lower, which is only 15 meters high or 10 meters lower than the original building. Since then, this monument is known as De White Paal or Tugu Pal Putih. The renovation of the Tugu building at that time was actually a Dutch tactic to erode the unity between the people and the king. However, the public soon realized this. Not long after, the new monument was inaugurated by Sri Sultan HB VII to be exact on October 3, 1889 and named Tugu Pal Putih. There are a number of symbols visible on the White Pal Monument, including a six-pointed star, a golden dot, a tapered corner and a loto leaf. The top of the monument is also spiral-shaped like a unicorn horn which is the main attraction of the White Pal Monument. BASED ON THE TEXT ABOVE, MAKE 15 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS WITH WHAT, WHO, HOW, WHEN, WHY AND WHERE! Question words can be repeated, for example the question word is there 3 numbers, the question word is who has 2 numbers, etc., as long as all question words have at least 1 each.

help me bro 5. make 5 sentences using standard words

my role model father’s text imaging

beautiful Parangtritis text imaging

make a sentence from the word why to interview parents (who work as civil servants (civil servants) is easy)

1. The following sentence that uses capital letters correctly is A. Fatimah and her family will go to the field tomorrow morning B. I have already …

read a book called I am a Sholeh Child C. We should be proud to be Indonesian D. Uncle took me around in Pak Slamet’s garden E. Others: please help, sis

Read the text “goat breeding in theme 1 sub-theme 2 pages 46-47, then write down the main idea in each paragraph”.​

Is the main sentence always the main idea?

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