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Commodity Prices Soar, Mining Exports Rise 105 Percent

  • Share, Jakarta Soaring commodity prices provide a breath of fresh air to Indonesia’s exports.

This can be seen in the export of the mining sector which jumped 105.69 percent year on year (yoy) to USD 2.86 billion.

“The biggest export growth is coal, copper ore and lignite commodities,” said Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Margo Yuwono, at a press conference, Jakarta, Wednesday (18/8/2021).

Coal prices have increased by 194.7 percent since last year. The same condition also occurred in the sales of palm oil, tin, lignite to copper, which on average rose quite sharply.

According to BPS records, another sector that encourages exports is the manufacturing industry with a realization of USD13.56 billion or a growth of 20.15 percent. This sector is the biggest export driver.

Then for the price of oil and gas (Migas) also contributed USD 1 billion or grew 50.08 percent. This was also followed by an increase in world oil prices.

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