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Agricultural Exports Drop 12.08 Percent in July 2021

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JAKARTA Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Margo Yuwono said that the sectors that experienced a decline in exports on a monthly basis in July 2021 were the agricultural industry, which fell 12.08 percent on a monthly basis to USD290 million.

Then, exports of the processing industry decreased 3.63 percent on a monthly basis to USD13.56 billion. The mining and other industries corrected 1.65 percent on a monthly basis to USD 2.86 billion,” he added.

“However, on an annual basis, sectoral export performance is still increasing. Only the agricultural sector experienced an annual decline of 17.99 percent,” said Wednesday (18/8/2021).

According to Margo, what caused the decline in exports of agricultural products on a yoy basis were for commodities of aromatic plants and spices, then coffee, and bird’s nests.

“This is a commodity that I consider a significant decline in the agricultural sector,” he said.

Meanwhile, the categories of export commodities that increased were vegetable animal fats and oils, various chemical products, fertilizers, underwear and accessories, as well as nickel and goods thereof.

“Meanwhile, weaker export commodities include copper and goods thereof, electrical machinery and equipment, machinery and mechanical equipment, vehicles and parts thereof, as well as iron and steel,” he said.

Based on export destination countries, the increase in exports occurred to India reaching USD272.7 million, Pakistan USD91.6 million, Taiwan USD88.6 million, Egypt USD64.1 million and Italy USD58.2 million.

Meanwhile, the decline in export value occurred to China amounting to USD566.4 million, Japan USD169.2 million, Philippines USD136.4 million, US USD114.1 million, and Thailand USD111.5 million.

“Nevertheless, the share of Indonesia’s exports has not changed, with the majority going to China, reaching 21.35 percent. After that, 12.08 percent went to the US, and 7.14 percent to Japan,” he concluded. (the / fin)

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