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How to make a hand-sewn cloth mask according to WHO standards

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Cloth masks have become one of the essential necessities since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. To save money, let’s find out how to make a hand sewing cloth mask!

Until now, COVID-19 has not ended, the rules for using cloth masks that were previously only 2 layers have now been changed to 3 layers.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explained that the correct and consistent use of masks is an important step that everyone can take to prevent and spread COVID-19.

Now, there are many mask sellers in a number of marketplace which sells various types of cloth masks to medical masks.

However, not all masks provide the same protection.

You have to consider the size, the material used, and the coating on the mask.

Well, if you have doubts about the cloth masks sold in the market, you can also make your own at home.

The following will explain further on how to make a hand-sewn cloth mask, which is easiest and also practical.

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Since June 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended the use of triple face masks layer.

The ideal mask should have a waterproof outer layer, a middle layer polypropylene (like interfacing), and a water-absorbing inner layer to absorb droplets or saliva.

How to make a hand-sewn cloth mask, you can sew 2 layers of cloth and then make holes in the cloth or place a filter bag as a tissue or medical mask.

Alternatively, you can sew 3 layers of fabric permanently. Well, here’s how to make a 3 layer mask.

1. Create a Pattern

First, make a cloth mask pattern that matches the size of the face. Make sure to cover your nose, mouth and chin, Moms for maximum protection

For template or mask pattern on paper, then cut the fabric following the pattern that has been made.

2. Insert the Buffer

After finishing installing the first and second layers, proceed with making a buffer.

You can use a small metal that bends and adjusts to the shape of the nose or plastic.

Moms can buy this type of support at the nearest craft shops.

Next, insert the support in the place that has been made from the top of the mask and press it following the shape of the nose.

This buffer serves to glue the mask, but still makes it easier for you to breathe or talk so it doesn’t feel cramped.

3. Third Layer

Next, create a third layer mask. It was explained that this third layer should be disassembled.

The trick, give a cavity on the right and left sides of the mask. Make sure the third layer used is an anti- droplet making it easier for Moms to shift or change masks.

Now, according to WHO regulations, you can use three-layer masks every day to avoid the COVID-19 virus.

How to Make the Easiest Hand Sewing Cloth Mask

how to make a three-layer cloth mask

If you previously learned how to make hand-sewn cloth masks according to WHO, now there is a way to make hand-sewn cloth masks, without a sewing machine and the easiest.

This method is very practical, the ingredients are easy to get. In addition, the protection is still maximum.

Come on, see the following explanation of how to make a hand-sewn cloth mask that is practical, easy and fast with maximum protection!

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Step 1

First prepare the fabric, then cut the fabric into three parts that serve as the inner, middle, and outer layers.

Then cut the fabric into several sizes as needed, namely 20×20 cm or 25x16cm for women, and 25×20 cm for men.

Don’t forget to also pay attention to the fabric used, Moms.

Preferably use cotton. Next, the fabric is cut to form a rectangle or circle.

Step 2

After that, unite the three fabrics that have been cut earlier. Next, place the outermost layer of fabric on the bottom, followed by the middle layer and the top layer.

Leave 1 cm of the bottom, then fold it in the middle and sew with a straight stitch technique or in the form of broken lines.

Step 3

The next step, after all the top and bottom sides of the fabric are sewn, it’s time to finish the left and right sides of the fabric.

The trick is to leave 1.5 cm on each left and right, then fold the remaining part of the fabric into the middle and then sew with the basting stitch technique.

Do the same for both sides remaining 1.5cm. This part will be used to attach a mask or rubber strap.

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Step 4

Next, prepare a rubber cloth or elastic rope 20 cm long. Insert the string into the crease of the fabric eyelet.

Repeat this method on both sides of the fabric. If you have trouble inserting it, you can use a pin or a needle.

Step 5

After the rubber or mask strap is attached, tie the ends tightly and then sew them together.

Do it on both sides and the cloth mask is now ready to be used to protect Moms from the COVID-19 virus.

Step 6

Make sure you use this cloth mask tightly covering the nose and mouth area.

When removing the mask, do not touch the outer layer. If touched, must wash hands immediately.

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That’s how to make hand-sewn cloth masks that are easy, practical, according to WHO standards to three-layer masks without a sewing machine.

In addition, Moms also have to stock up on cloth masks so they can be used interchangeably. Hopefully useful, and always healthy, Moms!

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