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4 Best Alternative Presentation Apps Besides PowerPoint

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The best presentation app illustrations. (Pixabay) – The following is a selection of alternative presentation applications besides PowerPoint that you can use. In fact, some of them have more advanced features.

When it comes to recommendations for the best presentation apps, many of you will mention PowerPoint. Indeed, this application made by Microsoft has become the most popular among the public.

Not only because PowerPoint is a high-performance app, but also because it’s a “must” download for Windows users.

In fact, several developers have released presentation applications that are no less cool than PowerPoint.

If you are curious about these applications, here the team has compiled them especially for you.


Presentation Application - Visme.  (Vism)
Presentation Application – Visme. (Vism)

Visme is a cloud-based application that can make your presentations very interesting. Because this application allows you to create infographics, data visualizations, reports, product demos to resumes.

Even better, this application recommendation has an offline presentation feature where you can download presentation materials in the form of images, PDF or HTML5.

Google Slides

Presentation Application - Google Slides.  (Google Play Store)
Presentation Application – Google Slides. (Google Play Store)

If you want an alternative presentation application where the developer is proven, then Google Slides is the right choice.

This application made by the Google company actually has the same way Google Slides works with Power Point.

What distinguishes the two is how to use them. To use Google Slides you have to run it in a browser.


Presentation Application - Prezi.  (Prezi)
Presentation Application – Prezi. (Prezi)

When it comes to alternative presentation applications, it seems difficult not to include Prezi in it. Unlike PowerPoint, this app helps you display leveled presentations.

Prezi has the ability to make non-linear presentations easier.

With this feature presentations can be more attractive to the audience because you can create pan and zoom effects every time you switch between slides without creating the impression of moving to a new slide.

It’s over

Presentation App - Emaze.  (Emaze)
Presentation App – Emaze. (Emaze)

Emaze is also one of the recommended application options that are suitable for use as an alternative to Power Point. Emaze offers a professional look in the form of 2D and 3D templates.

What makes this application even more interesting is the 3D presentation feature that you can use to add to the attractiveness of your presentation sheet in front of your boss or lecturer.

Those are a series of recommendations for alternative presentation applications besides PowerPoint that you need to try, at least once in your life.

Contributor: Damai Lestari

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