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Complete Form and Explanation of Objective Questions

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Jakarta – Objective questions are questions that have a true-false model, matchmaking, and short entries. The provision of the term objective test form itself, comes from the point of view of the method of examination, namely that in the examination this form of test is carried out objectively.

In objective questions, the examination is carried out with certainty because it has one answer that is definitely correct. This definite answer makes the process of checking exam results relatively easier.

Why are objective tests used?

The examiner of the objective test results is not limited to only the teacher concerned. In fact, examination of objective test results can be done with the help of scanners and computers. The help of this electronic tool makes a sheet of objective test results only undergo the examination process in a matter of seconds.

Objective questions are questions that are used to overcome the main weaknesses of the essay or description test form.

What about the objective?

Launching from the Ministry of Finance website, the form of objective tests also has some limitations or weaknesses. In terms of the function of the test as an evaluation instrument, the weakness is that this form of test tends to reveal only memory and recognition power. This form of test is difficult to measure high mental processes.

High mental processes can be interpreted as a process of cognition or the process of understanding deep and complex knowledge. This question has a second weakness in terms of function, namely that test takers can guess the answer when they do not know the correct answer to the question.

Meanwhile, from the point of view of compilation, objective questions are more difficult to compile than essay questions. To produce a good objective test question, it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge to compile the question tree and/or the correct decoy.

The weaknesses of objective questions can be minimized in several ways, namely:

1. Using the specification table. The specification table is very important in the process of preparing questions. The specification table is also known as the question grid. The question grid contains information about the subject matter for the preparation of questions accompanied by information on the level of ability to be addressed.

2. The use of the specification table needs to be supported by a qualified level of skill from the compilers of the questions. Question compilers who practice more often in preparing test questions will be more skilled in preparing questions. A high level of ability is synonymous with a deep and complex level of understanding of knowledge.

3. The norm of scoring results can be modified to reduce the guesswork tendency of the examinees. One example of modifying the scoring norm is to give a minus score to the wrong answer.

So, that was an explanation of the objective question. So objective questions are multiple choice questions that have one definite answer.

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