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Ciplukan, an expensive fruit rich in benefits that grows wild and is famous in the world

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NEWS REFERENCE – For some millennials, it may be a little foreign to a fruit called ciplukan. Even though this fruit is widely distributed in our area, usually in rice fields and community gardens.

Seeing ciplukan fruit that grows on any land, at first glance it looks worthless. It turned out that, apart from being rich in benefits, the price of ciplukan fruit became very expensive and turned out to be very famous in the world.

Ciplukan is famous in various parts of the world such as America, Pacific, Asia and Australia. Ciplukan can grow in lowland areas or under trees that are slightly damp.

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In Indonesia, it is also spread in various regions and uniquely each region has a different name, in the Sunda region for example, it is known as cecenet.

In Madura by name cheers, Bali is known as slip, dedes or find if it is in Sumatra, and the Minahasa people call it knocking.

This fruit has a sweet and sour taste, yellowish green color, and is wrapped in a thin skin. It used to be famous for plants that grow anywhere.

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Now after knowing the rich benefits, this fruit has also become promoted. Even this fruit is quite expensive which grows wild and is famous.

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