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Choice of 5 Best Seller Products from The Aesthetics Skin, Viral Skincare from Beauty Clinic

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Beauties, you want to try to feel the product skincare from a beauty doctor, but afraid that the price is too expensive? Hey, don’t be sad. You can still try the product skincare beauty clinic style at friendly prices through non-prescription skin care products from The Aesthetics Skin Clinic.

A skin care clinic renowned for its collaboration with a number of influence It strives to present skin care products that can be used by all groups. Almost all of its products are claimed to be safe for pregnant and lactating women and have been certified by BPOM.

So no wonder, some of their products can go viral and sell well in the market. Curious what products The Aesthetics Skin what should you try? Here are 5 recommendations best seller-nya.

1. The Aesthetics Skin X Dion Mulya Moist In Jar Daily Soothing Moisturizer

the aesthetics skin
Dion Mulya collaboration in Moist In Jar/Photo:

Thanks to the moisturizing ability that makes glowing and comfortable on the skin moisturizer This collaboration with Dion Mulya has reachedrepurchased many times by users.

This facial moisturizer has hero ingredients in the form of Aloe vera 99,8%, hyaluronic acid 2nd generation, and amino ceramide which serves to maintain moisture and relieve skin irritation. Plus, content copper tripeptide, triple mineral complex, vitamin B5, and vitamin E can help the wound healing process on the skin.

Use this product morning and night on all skin types, including sensitive skin. Skincare from this beauty clinic is valued at Rp. 95 thousand.

2. The Aesthetics Skin X Dion Mulya Oil Free Sunscreen UV Protection

the aesthetics skin
Oil Free Sunscreen/Foto:

This water-based sunscreen is ready to protect your skin from sun exposure with SPF 30, plus extracts Aloe vera which moisturizes. The texture itself is gel -shaped, feels light, and absorbs quickly.

This product is indeed claimed to be safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding women, even though it contains alcohol and methyl paraben at a safe rate.

Packed in bottles pump, the product is priced at Rp. 80 thousand.

3. The Aesthetics Skin X Dwihanda Hydra Glow Essence

the aesthetics skin
Dwihanda Collaboration in Hydro Glow Essence/Photo:

Direct sold out a few days after its launch, essence This skin care clinic collaboration with Dwi Handayani utilizes the goodness of flowers calendula.

Essence it is also enriched with niacinamide, chamomile, cucumber and sodium hyaluronate which makes your skin supple and radiant. Use it after toner to help restore skin moisture so that each layer skincare maximum absorption.

Skincare calendula this is valued at Rp98 thousand.

4. The Aesthetics Skin X Dinar Amanda Skin Reboot Daily Exfoliating Gel

the aesthetics skin
Dinar Amanda with Daily Exfoliating Gel/Photo:

Your face looks dull and lots of inflamed pimples? It could be because a lot of dead skin cells that accumulate and clog the pores. The solution, exfoliate your skin with Skin Reboot Daily Exfoliating Gel.

Night serum This gentle formula contains a mixture of 5% AHA + 2% BHA + niacinamide which makes the skin brighter and smoother. In addition, the extract content Aloe vera, sodium hyaluronate, allantoin, and Cat able to moisturize and soothe sensitive skin.

The product, which took Dinar Amanda, is valued at Rp. 129 thousand.

5. The Aesthetics Skin X Puchh Glow Getter

The Aesthetics Skin
Glow Getter Serum in collaboration with Putricaya/Photo:

Collaboration The Aesthetics The newest product with Putricaya produces a serum antiaging Glow Getter.

Not an ordinary product, this serum is able to brighten, moisturize, maintain skin barrier, and rejuvenates the skin so that it is more radiant and youthful.

This serum with elegant and beautiful packaging uses ingredients whose abilities are not kidding. It contains niacinamide, Cat, witch hazel, zinc, kojic acid, galactomyces, as well as plant extracts Orobanche rapum which helps regenerate skin cells.

In terms of performance and packaging, this serum is sold for IDR 299 thousand.


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