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From Humvees to US Tanks Now in Taliban Control

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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – With the departure of US troops from Afghanistan, thousands of vehicles that were previously operational vehicles and security vehicles have now changed hands. The types also vary, from the Ford Ranger, Humvee, to tanks.

United States troops since a few weeks ago began to withdraw from Afghanistan. This condition created chaos in the country, where Taliban forces slowly began to take control of many cities including Kabul.

When the United States troops, staff, and local personnel are confirmed to be evacuated safely, various support equipment is expected to be left (or left behind) there. One of them is the vehicles supporting the US troop security operations.

Quoted from Autoblog, there are at least thousands of vehicles belonging to the United States army left in Afghanistan and now controlled by the Taliban.

Mentioned, the United States army has 901 Ford Ranger military specifications in Afghanistan. Of these, 877 have been controlled by the Taliban, while 24 have been destroyed.

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[Gambas:Video CNBC]


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