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7 Ways to Make Cat Fur from Loss So Thick Glowing

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JOURNAL SOREANG – Today we will discuss seven ways to weave cat fur.

Reporting from the pupusmiaw channel, the catlover’s fur used to fall out often, but it can return to being thick and glowing.

It is not easy to get a thick and beautiful cat fur.

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Even to provide the best treatment so that the cat’s fur is maintained it can’t be said to be cheap.

Let alone a domestic cat, if a catlover can take good care of it, it will not lose to other race cats and of course to take care of it must be patient and painstaking.

1. comb the catlover’s fur slowly in the direction of the hair growth and use a special cat comb, yes,
because the process of combing by following the direction of hair growth, the goal is for the hair to fall out or die.

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Automatically lifts on the comb. just slowly comb it and just comb it once a day.

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