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16 Types of Flour and Their Characteristics, Complete Uses

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1. Types of Rice Flour

Rice can be processed into flour which is often used as an ingredient in cakes and food. The types of flour and their characteristics must be known. Rice flour is made from ground rice, so it has a smooth texture and is white in color.

Types of rice flour, especially brown rice flour, are rich in protein and fiber, both of which can help lower blood sugar levels and reduce weight. Rice flour is used to make traditional cakes such as talam cakes, pancakes, nagasari, cupcakes and can also be used to make vermicelli.

2. Types of Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is a type of flour made from ground wheat seeds. This flour has a smooth texture and white color. The types of flour and their characteristics must be known. Wheat flour is divided into 3 types, namely low protein flour, medium protein flour and high protein flour.

Wheat flour with low protein is usually used to make crispy cakes, such as cookies, pie crusts, fried foods and other crunchy foods.

Wheat flour with medium protein or commonly called all-purpose flour, can be used to make many dishes, ranging from fried foods, traditional cakes and various other cakes.

Meanwhile, wheat flour with high protein can make cakes feel soft and have a smooth texture. High protein flour is generally used to make donuts, pasta, noodles, bread and the like.

3. Types of High Protein Wheat Flour

There is this high protein wheat flour, its protein content is around 14%-16%. The types of flour and their characteristics must be known. Of course, with the high protein content, the gluten content is also very high.

And with the high gluten content, it can make the dough that uses wheat flour become more chewy and elastic. Usually this type of wheat flour with high protein is very suitable when used in the manufacture of noodles, which will really need an elastic dough texture.

And that is the reason why the type of food in the form of noodles can elongate when made, because indeed it is influenced by wheat flour with a high protein content in it, so it is not easy to deflate.

In addition to making noodles, usually high-protein wheat flour is also used in making breads such as donuts, eclairs, sweet buns, white bread, buns for burgers, buns for hot dogs, and various other types of food that require a high chewy texture.

4. Types of Medium Protein Wheat Flour

The next type of wheat flour is wheat flour with a protein content of about 11%-13%. The types of flour and their characteristics must be known. Because the protein content is higher than the previous flour, this medium protein flour has more gluten in it.

This type of flour is actually also widely known as a type of all-purpose flour. Because it has a moderate protein content, it makes the texture not too sticky or too dry when applied to cooking.

Usually this type of flour is widely used as flour to coat various fried foods such as fried tempeh and fried bananas.

In addition to being a coating material for fried foods, this type of flour is also very commonly used in types of food such as cakes, waffles, pancakes, martabak, and other types of cakes.

However, there are several cookie recipes that also use this type of medium protein flour as a mixture. The use of this type of flour is intended to get a more sturdy cake dough structure when it is finished. Examples of such cakes are nastar or kastangel cakes.

5. Types of Low Protein Wheat Flour

Wheat flour with protein content which has a percentage below 10% will be more suitable when used on types of food that do not need to have a texture such as chewy and elastic.

The types of flour and their characteristics must be known. This type of low protein flour is usually used in pastries such as cookies, biscuits, and other pastries, because this low protein flour will give a very crunchy texture to the cakes.

With a very low protein content, then the gluten content is also very little, and indeed the cooking results produced by using this flour will be crisp, brittle, and easily broken.

This type of low protein wheat flour also does not absorb too much water. This is because the gluten content is low in this type of flour, making the water absorption capacity of cake dough or food also low. And the advantage, the type of food or cake that uses this flour will last longer in storage.

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