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Check out the List of Children’s Personalities Based on 5 Weton Markets in Primbon Jawa – All Pages

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GridHype.ID – In Javanese society, weton market is one of the things that is considered important.

The reason is from the market weton, we can know the character and personality of a child.

His character also varies depending on the market weton when he was born.

In the Javanese calendar, there are 5 market days namely Pahing, Pon, Wage, Kliwon and Legi.

The five markets can show the character and personality of children.

1. Read

Children born in the Legi market have the nature of ‘Sumedhi’.

This nature means honest, sincere, wise, intelligent, and likes to have a feast for others.

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Suitable pets are cats, mice, or hamsters.

Cat character: careful, tame, woe if slandered, difficult to suspect, unless it has been slandered, can get together with rich/poor people.

Rat character: at night watchful, alert, careful, often confused, eats little, bites are venomous, those who are bitten die quickly, people often set traps for them, can do something, always remember good/bad deeds, great happiness/woe .

Congratulations to do: pitik, meaning all kinds of market snacks.

2. Kliwon

Children born in the Kliwon market have the nature of ‘Wisa Marta Durjana’.

This trait is quite complex because it can be good, it can also be bad, good at talking, and forgiving.

Suitable pets are monkeys or monkeys, and dogs.

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Monkey character: loves to climb, fierce, has a lot of intellect, wanders in trees, water, even after being fed still bites, teases people, is hard to approach and is given kindness.

While the character of the dog: loyal to his master, great will, often survived because he was loyal to his master, but his food was dirty.

Congratulations to do: ‘ketek’, meaning multicolored porridge.

3. Pahing

Children born in the Pahing market have the nature of ‘Chendana’.

That is, they have high desires or ideals, are good at keeping intentions, and like new things.

Suitable pets are tigers and cats.

The character of the tiger: always goes far, sits alone, sleeps alone, rarely eats unless maintained by the King, many enemies, dangerous if preceded but if he precedes it does not matter, if he has weapons maintained, his anger arises because of women, often deceived, if his goods lost rarely return.

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Congratulations to do: cat, meaning rice and fish.

4. Mon.

Children born in the Pon market have the nature of ‘Somahita’, which means that they are easily angered, brave, virtuous, and wise.

Suitable pets are goats or sheep.

The character of this animal: loves advice, does not travel far, is eaten in the form of plants that mean his own, often angry with his wife or family, sometimes kal aberani same master where this courage can not be prevented, his wealth is.

Congratulations to do: bulus angrem, which means kelepon and serabi.

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5. Wage

Children born in the market have the nature of ‘Prabuanom’, which means that they are unstable, angry, self-indulgent, arrogant, and determined.

Suitable pets are cows or oxen.

The character of this animal is: docile, it’s up to the one who orders it, it must be given food, careless, angry, sometimes angry when whipped, violates anything, looks for food a little but forgets to eat relatives and parents, easily slandered because his mind is brittle, arrogant.

Congratulations to do: bateng, which means golong rice.

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