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Residents of Situ Ciburuy Magic that Dryed into a Football Field

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Bandung Barat

The West Java region, including the West Bandung Regency (KBB) has now entered the dry season. It hasn’t rained in the last few weeks.

As a result, this condition makes the residents’ water sources dry. The same thing happened in Situ Ciburuy, Padalarang. The water in the artificial lake covering an area of ​​​​approximately 25 hectares also shrinks so that the bottom is visible at the edges.

A little review about Situ Ciburuy, which is also famous because it was poured into a Sundanese song, was originally a lake created in the late 1800s by a Dutch groat named Bempi at the command of the Dutch Queen Wilhemina.

The dry edge of Situ Ciburuy can actually be used by residents of Kampung Sadang, Ciburuy Village, Padalarang District, West Bandung, as a means of farming and playing ball for children who are thirsty for a game arena.

“Now that it’s dry, it’s starting to dry up. When it receded about 6 months ago, it’s normal for residents to use it as farming land for a small football field,” said Cecep, a youth leader from Sadang Village to detikcom, Wednesday (18/8/2021).

The land that he and the other village youths conjured up was not very big. But the most important thing is to be able to facilitate the children in the village to play football and other sports.

“As for August 17 yesterday, thank God the field is useful. We hold an anal competition there, including children’s football with mothers. What is important is the benefits,” explained Cecep.

The shortcoming of the impromptu space that he made was that it was directly adjacent to the water from the boundary that had not dried up. But that’s also an advantage, where the audience can watch the view from above.

“If adults play, the risk is that the ball will go there, it’s a bit difficult to get it. For children it is safe, because they also kick slowly. Every afternoon there are many people who exercise and hang out, so the village is even more crowded,” explained Cecep.

Behind it all, Cecep hopes that there will be special attention from the government for the continuity of Situ Ciburuy, which is also one of the training places for rowing athletes. Moreover, Sadang Village is also known as a national rowing athlete-producing village.

“Alhamdulillah, there has been a little attention. But I want this village to be noticed too, because many rowing athletes were born here. Yesterday there were several who performed at the Asean Games, but there were none for those who passed the Olympics,” said Cecep.

Cecep said that if he and other residents did not take advantage of the dryness of Situ Ciburuy, then the bottom of the lake would look shabby because the plants were growing unkempt. Not to mention the garbage that settles at the bottom there.

“This is so that the bottom of the site is not shabby either. If you allow it to grow a lot of plants but it doesn’t look good. It’s better to use it with the residents. In front there is also dredging of sediment, hopefully there will be a thorough improvement there,” concluded Cecep.


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