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Resort Simoro BBTNLL Distributes KBR Seeds to the Community

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SULTENG RAYA – The Lore Lindu National Park Center (BBTNLL) through the Simoro Resort distributed plant seeds from nurseries and treatments at the Resort’s Nursery Garden (KBR) to local residents who are directly adjacent to the Simoro Resort area, Sigi Regency, Monday (16/8). /2021).

The head of the Simoro Resort, Melky Joksam T, said that the seeds distributed from the KBR contained forestry plant seeds such as Leda, Tahiti and other types of plants. multi purpose trees pesies (mpts) such as Avocado and Durian.

“The types of seeds distributed this time are avocado and tahiti, totaling 180 avocado seed trees and 10 tahiti seed trees which are distributed to the people of Tuva, Omu, and North Pakuli Villages, which are the working areas of Simoro Resort,” he said in a written statement received by Central Sulawesi, Tuesday (17/8/2021).

According to him, KBR was built as a form of ecosystem restoration in collaboration with community empowerment. Seed collection is carried out in a collaborative manner with the Polhut Partner Community (MMP) during joint patrols in the TNLL area. In addition, this activity is also expected to be a forum in realizing the role of the community as subjects in the management of Lore Lindu National Park.

The KBR, which is facilitated by the Sulawesi Forest Program III project, is located at the Saluki BPTNW I Office in Tuva Village, Sigi Regency. Communities around TNLL can also get information about KBR at the 12 Lore Lindu National Park (TNLL) management resorts in Sigi and Poso Regencies or can contact the Lore Lindu National Park Center Call Center 08114555990. */RHT

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