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8 Benefits of Herbal Rice Kencur, Increase Appetite to Overcome the Flu

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You can make herbal rice kencur yourself at home in a simple way. Here’s how to make herbal rice kencur that is easy to practice:


– 3 kencur rhizomes (peel the skin, wash clean, and grate finely)

– 1 ginger rhizome (peel the skin, wash and grate finely)

– 100 grams of white rice (soak in water for 3 hours, roast and grind)

– 1 tbsp tamarind water

– 5 cm turmeric (peel the skin, wash and grate finely)

– Sugar to taste

– Java sugar to taste that has been finely combed

– 3 large glasses of water

How to make herbal rice kencur:

1. Heat water and add kencur, ginger, turmeric, sour water, granulated sugar and brown sugar.

2. Bring all ingredients to a boil.

3. When it boils, strain the cooking water. Separate the dregs with clear water.

4. Next, put a little rice that has been soaked and mashed into the cooking water.

5. If you want a more concentrated kencur taste, you can add raw kencur that has been crushed into the cooking water.

6. Stir well and wait until the starch kencur or rice settles to the bottom.

7. Serve the kencur rice while it’s still warm.

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