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Irwan Mussry Cry When He Knows This! Maia Estianty has only been married for two years, admits she is ready to become a widow, this possibility cannot be resisted, ‘Sooner or later’

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Maia Estianty explains why she doesn't want to have children from Irwan Mussry

(Instagram/Maia Estianty Collage)

Maia Estianty explains why she doesn’t want to have children from Irwan Mussry – It took a long time for Maia Estianty to open her heart and remarry.

Yes, after divorcing Ahmad Dhani, Maia Estianty was a widow for 10 years.

Like shoots loved by ulampun arrived, in 2018 Maia Estianty finally got a new replacement.

This mother of three children finally dared to marry again with a rich businessman, Irwan Mussry.

It’s been two years since Maia has been married, now she doesn’t hesitate to show off her intimacy with Irwan Mussry.

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Even since Irwan’s marriage, Maia always seems to exude a positive aura and looks youthful.

However, recently the mother of Al, El, Dul even admitted that she was ready to become a widow!

Whoa, what’s wrong?


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